Writing tip: if you struggle to get started when you sit down to write, stop your previous writing in the middle of the sentence. It makes it muuuuuch easier to get going again. ^.^

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@welshpixie I usually don't remember what I wanted to finish the sentence with. 😅

@welshpixie @maloki I use that tip for social media posts too, I'll start writing a toot and then just not fi


I had that same tip to do with coding and I started leaving my editor mid-line when I logged off for the day. Was much easier to get started in the morning and I found my brain would often know the way to tackle the problem if I'd been stuck as well.

@nigeldgreen @welshpixie this is a good strategy indeed. If you use ReText or similar it save states everything even if you change the files in another editor and flip back it will refresh. Of course, yes linux- its probably not anywhere else. My favorite weirdo editor though is “tea” written by a russian guy. Its very unique, and way less complicated than “kate.” All very lean none of this flatpack garbage.

@f0photo @welshpixie

I always go for vim because, well, there's always a plugin that does what you need. However, if you're aiming for *less* complicated...

@nigeldgreen @welshpixie vim confuses my head but i hear once you bite you never go back. I like my thumbs too much, the ^ thing hurts me hands a bit, but i did break an elbow 20y ago. Nano is my console editor of choice or on a headless

@welshpixie oh interesting. I will have to try that. Usually just end up deviating slightly ahead in my train of thought, meandering about and full circle back to the missing link, wherein the entire thing becomes far more complex and detailed but i do end up at least writing something ~ albeit entirely non linear yet still topically inclusive to the same chapter. Normal people are not fun for conversations when i feel able to speak freely, they get lost readily. Can you relate?

@f0photo yeah - when you're having fun with characters that can rattle off to their hearts' content, it's hard reining them in and keeping them under control XD

@welshpixie :) this is why o would rather write than talk with most people. Fortunately at the onset (and apparently its been here 15 years already?!) those who find this space (fed) are apt and agile conversationalists and rather intelligent.. 😁😁😁

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