April 2015, six years ago, when I'd been colouring through an adult colouring book and decided to have a go at drawing my own things for colouring. My hand was cramping after drawing that tiny little pot. Six years later, I'm a little bit better :)

@welshpixie You, too, can develop superpowers in only six years!

@lonnon Hahah XD To be fair, drawing every day, the improvement came fast. These are three months later, eight months later, 10 months, a year :)

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@welshpixie Yeah, as much as I tried to resist it for years, daily progress is the path forward. Gotta make a lot of art you're not happy with before you can start putting your dreams on the page. <3

@lonnon Yeah for sure. And I was lucky that I wasn't working so I had looooooads of free time to practice, which is a privilege most people don't have :( Trying to be creative when you've worked a ten hour shift and still have to make food and clean is balls.

@welshpixie I'm with you there. I wasn't really able to dig back into my art until COVID hit, and I suddenly had more time at home than I knew what to do with.
@welshpixie Also: the white-on-black work. How do you still have working eyeballs? Amazing work!
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