@welshpixie I've liked her Xuya universe of stories with all the mindships. Her fallen angels series is pretty good too. I'll have to see about adding this one to my perpetually too deep reading list.

@welshpixie A lot of her stories are novellas which I've found in various "Best of" anthologies. The House of Shattered Wings is the first book in the fallen angels series. It is set in a Paris shattered by a partly mystical war, with only those aligned with the city's strongest residents, fallen angels, surviving. She plays a lot with her Vietnamese heritage and some of the other surviving power blocks in the fallen angels series are are Vietnamese mystical creatures like dragons.

@Infoseepage That sounds fun! This one is very Vietnamese influenced, the culture and the way people interact with each other, honourifics and stuff;

@welshpixie I'm not sure what the best jumping in point for the Xuya series would be. The stories I've read are fairly self-contained, but are set in a common universe. I know "The Teamaster and the Detective" was one of the more popular recent entries into the series, but I'm not sure if that would be the best jumping in point, as I haven't read it yet.

@welshpixie The Xuya series is a sort of alternate history that has China and Vietnam becoming the dominant earth cultures early on an creating a sort of Confucian galactic empire with the assistance of sentient mind ships, which have a transplanted human mind at its core. The minds can live for a very long time and become important parts of family lineages and Asian concepts of ancestor worship.

@welshpixie Not really the same flavor, imo, although I love Gibson's stuff and have been reading him for a LONG time. I really like his latest "Peripheral" series.

@welshpixie A lot of Bodard's stuff is about courtly politics and skullduggery. If you end up liking her stuff, I highly recommend A Memory Called Empire by Arkady Martine. It is all about a galactic empire with a system of rigid courtly etiquette which is on the verge of a succession crisis. It is told from the perspective of an ambassador from a lone star system who is trying to prevent her space station from getting annexed. I just read the second book in the series and both were great!

@welshpixie If you end up liking both Bodard and Martine, check out Ann Leckie. A lot of similar themes/framing across all their writing.

@Infoseepage Thank you for the recs! ^.^I signed up to Kindle Unlimited today so I'll have to see what's on there. Used to be a voracious reader but haven't in years, my time mostly consumed by making art. I wanted to read the Shadow and Bone book before the TV show is released, just out of curiosity - finished that yesterday (though there are a few more in the series), then grabbed Kindle Unlimited and started reading the first thing that appeared, which is this Bodard book. Almost done!

@welshpixie The King County Library System's ebook and audiobook selection has been a godsend this pandemic. Really don't know what I would have done without it.

Been quite busy managing the holds and checkout process for my parents and aunts. They're not quite adept enough to manage it on their own, but can handle a kindle if the titles just magically show up on the front page. Hopefully it has helped keep lockdown more tolerable for them all

@welshpixie Right now I'm reading a standalone novel by VE Schwab called The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue. I really liked her Shades of Magic series. This one seems a bit too baldly similar to some of Clair North's stuff. North is one of my favorite authors. She has a knack for creating these interesting characters whose situational remove from humanity allows them to make keen, biting observations. They are all sort of aloof to an almost, but not quite, psychopathic degree

@Infoseepage Oooh, North sounds good! I'll keep an eye out for her stuff too :D

@welshpixie Her book The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August was a big hit. I've read most of her books under that name. She writes different types of content under several pseudonyms. Last time I checked, she works full time as a lighting designer for theatrical productions in London.

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