I get frustrated that I'm not immediately great at everything I try while simultaneously being aware that it took me several years to get good at drawing mandalas


Person to me: Wow how are you so good at that?
Me: Loads of practice over many years!

Also me: Ugh this is the second time I'm trying this why aren't I amazing at it already

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@TQ I think this is probably true for most creative people. We're creative and want to express our ideas in myriad ways, but can only accurately express them in the ways we've put effort into learning. Which is frustrating, because we're creative, and we want to do All The Things!

@welshpixie @TQ
so true... it frustrates me a lot. but I'm actually glad that I'm not alone :')

@TQ @welshpixie oh wow, this is comforting to hear! Sometimes I feel so stuck with the tools I know. I’m glad to hear it’s a common feeling wanting to express yourself in All The Ways, even if you don’t exactly know how to yet. I really appreciate having this space to see how others express their ideas and to feel safe sharing things which aren’t perfect. It’s really wonderful here ❤️

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