When cooking, remember to factor in an extra 30 minutes for the time it takes to scroll through the author's life story before getting to the freakin' recipe

@Nigridal Yep!! I've just taken to taking a photo of the recipe with my phone and sticking them all in an album XD

@welshpixie I handwrite them, mostly because they are usually in English and I have to (internal) translate to spanish, and because I love to handwrite stuff

@welshpixie Food blogs: "it was a warm summer day in Ipswitch, the boogleberries were in high bloom..."


@Capheind I wish all food blogs would adopt the practice I've seen some doing of putting a link at the top to jump to the actual recipe ^.^

@Capheind @welshpixie

-okey lad, relax, just take a tuna can and a salad can and mix IT together with a bloddy ton of mayo

@welshpixie When I was

a young boy

my father

took me into the city

to eat a shepherd's pie

@dumpsterqueer *seven hours later*

The second best

pie place

I ever found

that came even remotely close

@welshpixie They should do recipes on audiobook for the really long ones.

@welshpixie also the random ads that load 60 seconds later and push the text down

@welshpixie I always find the Print button. The print layout is almost always what you want

@welshpixie the subset of posters that add a "skip to recipe" link in the beginning are in my heart 4ev4

@welshpixie the interesting thing about this is the bloggers also hate writing long intros, but Google forces them to because their search algorithm penalizes recipe posts that are too short.
It's a great example of how private ownership of online platforms makes it worse for everyone.

@datatitian Ooof, that's harsh, naughty Google. That's kinda also... cutting their own noses off? Because it seems everyone prefers the blogs that get to the point sooner, so the ones that don't will have a smaller audience?

@welshpixie all the massively successful recipe blogs seem to follow Google's demands. A lot of bloggers are trying to get around it by adding a "jump to recipe" button at the top of the page that will scroll down to just the right place for you

@datatitian Yeah, they're the ones I mostly look at, with the jump to recipe link.

@datatitian But yeah you're right re. private ownership of online plaforms!

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