This is what I use to seal my work. It's good for acrylic, oil, pencil, ink - all sorts. ^.^

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@welshpixie Do you apply it with a brush? Do you think it could be used in something like that? It is a Essdee rubber carved with Tsukineko oil based ink applied over it. I want something to preserve the oil and the rubber. Is it very brilliant?

@francistein It's a spray can, it just sprays on. I only use one coat on my pencil/ink/watercolour work and it doesn't get a glossy sheen at all, even when I've used two coats, so it possibly looks different when applied over acrylics or oil. It would definitely preserve your oil/ink, but I'm not sure what the finish would look like. That's very pretty, by the way!

@welshpixie It is difficult to know how it will look like... Thanks anyway. I carve things sometimes, I started with the virus pandemic.

@welshpixie In my multimedia there are some examples but lost in the middle of the silly flow I produce. 😂 Thanks!!

@welshpixie I swear, the rest of the world gets cool shit. I can't find any place that carries this in the US (or really anywhere in North America). Does anyone know of a distributor or a similar product? My interest would be sealing marker on Shrinky-Dink material. Everything I've tried so far makes it bleed and run.

@GraySpots Hah, I'm in South Africa and we tend to get stuff a loooong time after America XD I don't know if this would be suitable for shrinky dink though as it's so glossy and non porous :( Closest thing I've worked on was a very shiny drum head, and I sealed that with a thing called Ashrad artist's fixative, but only one coat.

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