Draw in Krita, export as PNG, import into GnuIMP, export as PDF (because client can't open PDFs exported from Krita and prefers printing PDFs over PNGs/jpeg).

After client signs off on them:

Import into Inkscape > trace to vector > export SVG for posterity > export as PDF > rename PDF file to .ai because the printers apparently use a version of Illustrator that doesn't know what to do with .svg files (or they don't know how to import XD).



Many years ago I told a client to send me documents in "non-word" format.
I got BMP screenshots.

@GustavinoBevilacqua Bahahahaha! Yep! And doing web work, asking people to send images at specific aspect ratios, and they just stretch them instead of cropping XD


«The image fits the screen of the camera, so it couldn't be too huge!»

@GustavinoBevilacqua @welshpixie back in the day (1980s) my father asked a client to send him a copy of a file, and he got faxed a picture of a floppy disk. 💾

@welshpixie ......that certainly puts my much smaller inconveniences into perspective :blobsweats:

@welshpixie You can rename a PDF to .ai and it actually works? Wow.

@skquinn Yeah, found that out with another client who also wasn't able / didn't know how to import PDFs or .svg files. Did some googling and that was the solution!

@welshpixie I guess you learn something new every day. The one time I used Krita, it was to convert a PSD in CMYK into something GIMP actually had a prayer of being able to turn into something useful (and it worked, thankfully). Honestly, I wish there was a truly free software friendly alternative to PSD... it's a rather tedious format to deal with.

@skquinn Heh, absolutely. I'm just glad Krita can open them and work with the layers, because I get sent them occasionally to work with.

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