A little tour of my replanted aloe 😁 (had to export at 360p for it to be small enough to fit in a toot)

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And here's my smol succulent garden, relatively recently planted :)

@maloki I can't wait for them to grow and flower. When it was a single bush it would get three or four flowers; they're tall shoots full of red flowers that the sunbirds love to perch on and feed from. I can only imagine what it'll look like with this long strip of flowering aloe!

@welshpixie is it an edible variety too? So you can make good use of it?

@maloki Not sure it's edible but it's certainly topical so I can harvest the gel for sure :)

@welshpixie my parents always had an aloe in their house. and when I was a kid, I usually used aloe juice as a supplemental aid when I caught a cold.

@welshpixie @pfx my cat agrees: came and started rubbing her face on my phone

@dumpsterqueer @pfx I am a cat whisperer - we have nine and the last one literally turned up on our back doorstep in a bedraggled state in dire need of help, almost as if she'd heard on the cat-grapevine that we're the cat-care people :D

@dumpsterqueer @pfx We joke that she's a pokemon because we heard her at the back door mewing when we were feeding ours outside, then when I went out to look she had vanished but I could hear her, so I walked over the brick section to the overgrown grass and she was hiding right at the edge of the grass mewing up at me :D

@dumpsterqueer @pfx The day after she showed up. We had to keep her outside and separate from ours until we had her tested for the transmittables, but she was fine. She was out the back a week (in summer so it wasn't cold), and she just stayed there, didn't leave at all. ^.^ She doesn't actually jump very high and our back walls are about seven foot so we're not sure how she got in at all!

@dumpsterqueer @pfx And now she is a megafloof.

Ok I'm done waffling about our cats now XD

@dumpsterqueer @pfx Yeah! It's huge when she sits a certain way, it puffs all the way down her neck in that 'v'-shape like a lion's mane

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