Took some long exposure starscapes from the garden last night to test my new 50mm Nikkor prime lens. Much better low light performance than my other lenses :D That's Orion's Belt in the last shot.

@welshpixie wow, I can see how the star clusters start to turn the constellation from a few points into a proper image... beautiful ;w; <3

@elfi Thankee ^.^ Looking forward to taking the camera somewhere with less ambient light at night - or wait for our next loadshedding power outage which is probably not far away 😂

@welshpixie holy shit how. All my long exposure star photos end up as blurry messes

@ace Well, with my other lenses I'd have to do around a 30s exposure with a high ISO to get anything, and then of course at 30s the stars will move so they'll leave little trails and look blurry, and the high ISO will add more noise. With this lens I was able to do 5-8 second exposures with relatively low ISO so I got much crisper images with less noise. Focusing is a challenge though when you can't really see what you're doing 😂

@welshpixie do you think similar photos could be achieved with any prime lens (I use canon)? Pretty much all Primes are freakin amazing/magic, but like does yours have anything special for low light?

@ace this is the lens I have, there's just some jargon in the description that says 'innovative optical elements [...] superior low-light performance'. As a comparison, I took this one with an 18-400mm Tamron - nowhere near as clear, and alas I don't have the exif data attached to the image any more but I'm sure it was closer to a 30s exposure and much higher ISO.

@ace Basic setup though, tripod absolutely a must, and I use a remote trigger so that I don't shake the camera when I push the button (if you don't have one it's probably possible to get an app on your phone so that the phone triggers the shutter when connected via USB or something), f-stop as low as you can to let loads of light in, and having an LCD you can zoom on is a huge help, paired with manual focus, so you can get a star on the screen, zoom in on it, focus, then shoot

@ace Don't have the exif of these either, but they were with an 18-55mm kit lens, so very basic, but in an area with VERY low ambient light (that orange glow isn't the sunset, it's town lights on the other side of the mountain)

@welshpixie f*cking how. I’ve literally been in the middle of a forest clearing with a tripod in an area that’s like 6 miles from civilization in any direction and still ended up with a blurry mess.

@ace The thing I struggle most with is focusing, so maybe it's that? The hard way to get it right is take a photo, view it, adjust focusing, take another one, view it, until you get it right XD

@welshpixie pretty! what aperture did you use? these look sharp.

@uint8_t f1.8, some are 5s shutter speed and some are 8s, ISO between 640 and 800 :)

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