@welshpixie I really hope they didn't get you too bad from that position

I know our kitten would have taken me out if he had that kind of hiding place

@kemonine I put her in there, she loves being tucked in the blanket - she's sleeping :)

@welshpixie :)

You're very lucky

Houdini uses such positions as opportunistic human hunting blinds. All you'd hear here is some swearing and a the thud of a human going down.
@welshpixie Houdini is a 17lbs main coon mix so...

When he hunts he really hunts. 😁

@kemonine Squib's about that size (our big fluffy white cloud cat) but he's a softy :D

@welshpixie hehe

We had Smokie who was maybe 5lbs and a russian blue mix. SHE was the cat you didn't mess with

She'd walk right up to you, whack you in the face and then make off with something from your dinner plate

We also found her dragging a chicken carcass out from the trash can at least once.

It's the smaller animals you gotta watch out for...
@welshpixie Its definitely A Sight seeing a little cat dragging the skeleton of a chicken across the kitchen

The bird was bigger than the darn cat.
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