Okay this game has three graphics options and they are 'Fastest, Fast, Simple'. Halp I don't understand >.>

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@welshpixie this is like a volume dial that only goes from 7 to 10

@restioson @welshpixie Sounds more like a dial going from 7 to 9, followed by 3.

Is it a game with vector-esque graphics by any chance? Some of those have weird graphics preset names because the options mainly just effect how smooth the edges are.

@eishiya @restioson no - and after opening the game proper, the full and usual graphics settings were available (low, normal, high, ultra, etc) - it was just weird in the initial setup 😂

@welshpixie I wonder if it's something left over from a previous project that they forgot to change o: If it's an indie game, maybe give the devs a poke about it?

@eishiya it's s Fishing Planet which I think is a pretty big game that's been out a long while now - it has a million DLCs at least

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