I found a barely used second hand treadmill at a great price so now I have a treadmill YAY!! Also it has a perfectly tablet-depth protrusion so I can re-watch BSG while walking 😁

Awesome! Been doing the same for years with an exercise bike. This is the only reason I exercise twice a week on a regular basis!

@Mopsi Because of 'reasons' I'm recently not able to go hiking as much as I used to, and it's not safe here to go walking just anywhere - so I've been after a treadmill so I can keep 'hiking' but at home, hehe. And maybe eventually work up to a bit of jogging :)

@welshpixie @Mopsi Every time the cylons start shooting RUN! (or fast walk)


@Andy_P @Mopsi Was watching a very tense episode earlier (though let's face it, they're all pretty tense) and kept wanting to walk faster πŸ˜‚

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At least, a treadmill keeps you from going over your limits πŸ˜„

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