Made nice lunch! Vegetarian recipe 

Steamed tiny cauli & broccoli florets in micro. Heat oil in pan with crushed garlic, chili flakes, cumin, coriander & fennel powder, tipped in chopped spinach, wilted it, added sliced mushrooms & the cauli & broccoli, cooked til it was starting to brown. Layered one mini tortilla, veg mix, grated cheese, another tortilla on top, heat a bit more oil in the pan, fried both sides of the tortilla sandwich, then served with a bit more cheese on top.

Made nice lunch! Vegetarian recipe 



would love to have a neighborly lunch (sometime) if only we lived closer than tens of thousands of kilometers away from each other!

stay well (and well fed (sounds like you are ok with food))!


Made nice lunch! Vegetarian recipe 

@js0000 I'm actually really enjoying not having the option of ordering in, especially now that the weather is cooler and cooking isn't such a chore! Hope you're keeping safe and well over your neck of the woods ^.^

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