I've assembled a small pack of 7 detailed, intricate mandalas for colouring. They start at my normal level of detail (which is usually quite detailed XD), then get more difficult with smaller details.

The pack is free, but you can tip me if you want to! (And you can change the 'suggested' tip to any amount you like).

Enjoy! Should keep you busy for a few days of isolation at least :D

@welshpixie they look beautiful. Unfortunately too detailed for me. Do you ever do less detailed ones?

@GwenfarsGarden Yeah! I have a huge selection here, of various detail -

Though they're PNGs/JPEGs, not PDFs.

I have even more at - if you look through the posts, I post free pages a few times a month, as print-ready PDFs, again at various levels of detail ^.^ (Ignore the tag cloud at the top, freepages says 5 but there's way more than that)

@welshpixie Great, I'll take a proper look over the weekend.

I like Mandela's, but often they are too detailed for me (impaired cognitive functions coz of having ME). So it will be nice to find some easier ones :)

@GwenfarsGarden If you find one that's a suitable detail level, or one you can say 'like this but a bit less', let me know - it doesn't take me long to whip up digital ones and I'd gladly draw some custom ones for you to colour! <3

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