The nazi doth protest too much, methinks. Also, NICE SEALIONING BRO.

I often find, on these here Masto-places, that a good measure of a person's worth is how they respond to seeing @GinnyMcQueen 's name pop up.

(Also this person was from fosstodon which I hadn't realised was A Bad Place. I wasn't following them, but have blocked the instance now regardless because I have vague recollections of seeing other dubious content from that instance.)

Anyway, yeah, Punch Nazis Always.


@GinnyMcQueen innit. Go bark about your territory somewhere else, bro; I think you'll find the anti-nazis territory is already well established.


@welshpixie almost like they have a problem being told "no" :thinkingcat:

re: Nazis 

@welshpixie @GinnyMcQueen Enthusiastically supporting the punching of Nazis is good for society. Brings people together. Sometimes to punch more Nazis.


@welshpixie @GinnyMcQueen all those techbro instances are run by human garbage, for human garbage


@welshpixie @GinnyMcQueen These people all seem to speak in the same voice.

Sometimes I think there's one more collection of sock accounts performing most of that apologetic.



@ansugeisler @GinnyMcQueen It's weird. I'd had a few interactions with them previously, mostly about my art, and they were normal. Then that DM came about Ginny and it was SO cookie-cutter. Like a switch had been flipped.

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