A friend introduced me to asemic writing which inspired me greatly and I had to try out immediately!!

@efi yeah - drawing shapes / symbols that look like writing but aren't

@welshpixie Didn't know that had a name. I tend to sprinkle it in my doodles, but hadn't really thought about it.

@welshpixie this seems super interesting, i've just done a little google and this definitely is something I could get into, thanks for posting it, i'd never have known what it was!

@Helen You're very welcome! I'm hugely into it right now, you have no idea XD Been looking through the hashtag on Instagram, and also found which is I think owned by - there's some great examples on both.

@Helen I also came upon this lovely quote -

“Personally, I think asemic writing is a wordless, open semantic form of writing that is international in its mission. How can writing be wordless, someone may ask. The secret is that asemic writing is a shadow, impression, and abstraction of conventional writing. It uses the constraints of writerly gestures and the full developments of abstract art to divulge its main purpose: total freedom beyond literary expression. (cont)

@Helen - The subcultural movement surrounding asemic writing is international because the creators of asemic works live all over the world. It's a global style of writing we are creating, with the creators of asemic works meeting up on the Internet to share our works and exchange ideas.”

- Michael Jacobson.

@welshpixie fantastic stuff, think i'm about to fall down a rabbit hole looking at all this! and i've just had a thought about how this would fit into a little project I've been stuck on for two years, o lawd here i go

@Helen I'm deep in the rabbit hole - see you down here, I'll get the kettle on 😂

@welshpixie " The secret is that asemic writing is a shadow, impression, and abstraction of conventional writing." - oh god it's perfect, yes, many cups please, gonna be here a while!

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