Phone camera has a long exposure mode so I tried some stars 😁 It came out well, especially for a phone! :o

Good camera!! I suppose there is no much light contamination in your zone.

@francistein Yeah, it's not bad. We live next to a mountain though with a sprawling suburbia on the other side so the view is a bit blocked. Easy to get to better places though, there's a lot of wilderness around and very little air pollution

Thats important. Enjoy this place and keep on with great photos. And show them us!!

@welshpixie this is so clue~~! I wish I could try it with my DSLR... over here the sky is clouded with pollution! and night sky lit up with light pollution too


@lucidillusions aww :( We have a desert. A few hours drive north of us which is great for night sky shots 😊

@welshpixie Wow, impressive. I tried the Night Mode on the iPhone and it does not handle stars, and still needs a fair bit of ambient light.

@dadegroot the mode is called 'star trails' so presumably the idea is to leave it shooting for a while to get trails, which I'll try at some point!

Looks nice.
Always like special modes from "a better camera" app like HDR and night mode, using full pictures and calculated results from it.
Gives much information to see on picture and some like "real" cameras :)

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