Test run of a white-on-transparent laptop lid sticker with one of my mandalas.

Would anyone like to order one? It's $15 USD including worldwide postage, and it measures 325x225mm (but I can do them to a specific size if your lappie lid is different).

Message me if you'd like to order one!

that's a really neat idea for a laptop lid decoration. :) I especially like how it's designed around the #Apple light.
If I were still using mine more, and if it wasn't already covered with all sorts of stickers that hold personal memories already, I'd order one. :)
I've bookmarked your toot in case I can afford a new lappie any time soon.

@FiXato Thank you! <3 I don't know if you can see very well but the pattern overlaps the Apple logo a little bit - I didn't want to turn her laptop on because she wasn't there when I went to take photos, but our mutual friend that was there said that the light shines nicely through that part of the pattern ^.^

I can imagine it does! I have a translucent #Github #Octocat on mine, which I got from the first Github user meeting in #Amsterdam, and I like the effect that has too.

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