Found something awesome.

'The Grammar of Ornament by Owen Jones', published 1856, downloadable from :D Awesome artist reference book!

Here's another fun one, 'Styles of ornament by Alexander Speltz', published in 1905-ish;

@welshpixie @aolog
The image doesn't get any bigger, but the website book is good.
1 page view, single page view, full screen and zoom! :-)

@gemlog @aolog There's also a variety of download links on the right-hand side for the full book, like PDF or EPUB :)

@welshpixie omg this is amazing, thank you very much for sharing this!

@welshpixie I actually have a thing going on where I was vectorizing all those patterns... I got stuck on page three of the egyptian ones :D

@welshpixie I need to finish the egyptian ones and upload them somewhere at some point, proly a git thingy as svg is very git friendly.

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