My PSU fan has decided that today is a rattling day. I'm like, "fan, plz STFU" and it's like "CAN'T STOP WON'T STOP LOL"

I had the pleasure of visiting a bunny sanctuary this morning, just up the road from us! Took my camera and got some bunny photos that I'll go through later, and I'm going to be helping the owners out with creating a website, setting up Instagram, helping with social media and fundraising, etc.

First, I'd love to get them to 100 page likes so they can get a nicer page URL. If you use FB, can you throw their page a like?

Thank you! <3

Trying to remember the name of a TV show I saw the trailer for a while back. It was something about a woman takes a position of power that a man usually holds (like she's first female mayor or chief of police or something), drama comedy maybe? Any ideas?

I may write this into a full 'proper' story 😂

I'm playing AI Dungeon 2 ( and it's totally leading me on a gay adventure.

Bought a pad of super smooth paper yesterday so that I can do tiny details easier.

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Done! Mandala in the style of Germanic Gothic architecture.

A4 size watercolour paper, black archival ink, pencils.

If you'd like to adopt this original drawing, $50 USD which includes worldwide shipping. Message me to buy!

Cracking on with this. Using a Sakura Pigma Micron 01 just now.

7pm, 30C, no wind. Drawing on the stoep with iced iced (baby) tea.

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