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a brand new coloring computer!

4-bits to 7 segment display hexadecimal decoder - convert from binary to hexadecimal by coloring and solving simple logic operations :tealheart:

more info and downloads in 'tales of non-electronic, human-scale, very-slow computers':

=> gemini://caracolito.mooo.com/tonehsvsc/2020-11-30-hex7seg-coloringdecoder.gmi


Finally heard back from Instagram - they're the ones that removed that post, not Paris Jackson herself 😂

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Five hours left!
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My 2020 Black Friday game bundle is live! $10.00 for 6 of my small games! Come check it out and play something for the weekend! itch.io/s/40936/brandons-black #indiegames via @itchio

Got a free cat bed with the cat food today! Teeny likes it

Photo my mum took this morning. Really nice peaceful forest vibes ^.^

Something that struck me last night (amidst a sea of illogical nonsense they were spewing), they were being supportive and encouraging when they thought I was poor, but instantly turned to "putting me in my place" when they thought I was successful - and yet the most successful person in the conversation with a worth of $100M was somehow immune to that treatment.

Anyway, all quiet now, hope they've all naffed off for good.

Paraphrasing a DM from that person;

Them: "Hey I'm sorry for being harsh but (more excuses). Keep at your art, it's good, one day it'll pay off." (after previously somehow getting the impression that I said I can't pay my bills, which I didn't)
Me: It's already paying off. I'm a professional artist. I have clients who pay me to make art for them.
Them: You should be more humble, don't be so full of yourself. Plenty of people can do what you do.


I'm running a clandestine sheep smuggling ring, liberating them from England and running them across the border back into Wales.

Me: There's Mordor over there.
Jaco: Well then, you should probably find a different form of conveyance, because as you know...

"no body is harrasing or bullying you. I gave you a complement and I'm also trying to be reasonable unlike you I'm calm and at peace stay healthy enjoy your day"

I broke out the ascii middle finger as a reply to that.

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Dylwn i bostio yn Gymraeg mor aml. Sai'di siarad Gymraeg yn iawn ers dros ddeng mlynedd, ers symud i Dde Affrica - nid oes llawer o bobl yma'n siarad Gymraeg XD Dw'i mor mas o arfer rhaid i mi ddefnyddio Google Translate i wirio treigladau a sillafu, a ron i arfer dysgu Cymraeg i oedolion! Cywilydd arna i XD


Ranting about Paris Jackson art theft rabid fans 

Gads the irony.



South Africa and India proposed a thing to waive IP rights for COVID vaccinations, which is a good thing, will make them more accessible. Here's a map of who supports it and who doesn't. So basically all the poor countries support it and all the rich countries don't support it. -.-

Still dealing with toxic fan people who think their icon can do no wrong and it must have been my fault she stole my art 😂

Post is gone - either she took it down or instagram did :)

" ecause it's not yours to freely post and you can't guarantee that it's available in the public domain without attribution. That's like finding an unlocked car in the street and helping yourself to it because you can't immediately identify the owner to ask them if you can take their car. Posting someone's artwork without permission is art theft and it's illegal. I shouldn't have to "ask nicely" for my work to not be stolen."

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