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The queen gathered her courage. 'Excuse me!' she rushed from the grass. 'Pardon me, but --'

She hesitated at the woman's feet, unsure of the welcome she would receive.

She met the woman's eyes, and calmed when she saw the woman's puzzled smile. 'I heard that you are kind,' she said.

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The queen peered through the hedge, her muscles bunched tightly.

Her fur had lost its gloss and her tail, once a regal pennant, was now thin and rat-like.

She knew in her heart that she was a queen, but she looked like a beggar now. Felt like a beggar. And much as she had tried, she wouldn't make it on her own.

She watched the woman with the others of her kind, saw the gentleness. The woman, she had been told, who could restore her crown.


#microfiction #TootFic

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Been absent from Mastodon for a while. Since then I've started blackletter and abstract calligraphy, gotten a local art show, and gotten a job as a programmer! I think I'll have a lot more to share coming up. Here's a sample of my art nowadays.

She's about 3-4 years old, not pregnant (just a bit constipated), is spayed, not microchipped, and tested clear for HIV and leukaemia. Woot! We got her vaccinated and dewormed, and since her tests were clear, she can now safely meet the family!

Scraggle today. She's going to the vet at 3 for tests and a checkup :)

Started this today. Pencil first, which I don't usually do, because these are curves I'm not used to drawing.

Morning Scraggle! She's still improving. Fur is growing in thick, and much softer.

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hey I finished my RP community setup

here is the link again midnight-rp.dreamwidth.org/

the premise is that there is a lightly gothic fantasy city named Midnight where everyone is originally from another world but they wound up stuck there and also turned into an animal person

please ask me questions if you are curious but I have links to info on the site and stuff so also check it out if you are interested

#roleplay #roleplaying #dreamwidth

New little track on SoundCloud - made while I reminded myself how SunVox works XD


Done! Sakura Pigma Micron pens and a charcoal pencil on Rive pale cream 170g paper (A4 size).

$50 USD for the signed original (which includes worldwide shipping) - message me if you want it :)

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Kitty is still outside this morning :) Just gave her breakfast. She's looking better, more hydrated and her fur is softer. ^.^

I shared her pic in our street's whatsapp group too and nobody recognises her.

She's very affectionate, and didn't mind when I picked her up for a hug. She's chilling outside the screen door now while the other cats look on with curiosity. They're not too put-out by her presence, I think they might be used to her smell if she's been around the back a lot.

She was very well hidden, hunkered down right at my feet. When I petted her she came right out, then followed me to the food and water, ate it all and drank LOADS. She's very smol and skinny, but has big foofy paws and a scraggly tail with a poofball on top.

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