This is the cottage we stayed in over the weekend. It's a duplex, we were on the bottom floor and had that lovely big balcony. This is in a nature reserve on the edge of an estuary - the ocean is just behind me :)

Nikon D7000, Tamron 18-400mm, processed in Adobe Lightroom.

There's a cafe-restaurant where I'm standing taking photos. Restaurant sounds too formal for the place - it's a kitchen making lovely 'home cooked' food and a bunch of outdoor tables under lapa-type structures, right against the river. Very VERY chill place and one of my favourite eateries. Shame it's a five hour drive away! XD

Nikon D7000, Tamron 18-400mm, processed in Adobe Lightroom

Went for a walk before sunrise. Got caught in the rain 😂 (selfie, eye contact)

Used a roap ferry today! Super fun :D We're away for the weekend, staying in a cottage about 100m down the river from here. We're overlooking the river AND the sea :D

Frens! Is there a place in Canada that sounds something like 'the pegas cough' ?

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If anyone needs mixing/mastering for their album/EP, hit me up, prices in PM ! Please consider boosting this toot. 🎶 :tealheart:

We put a blanket in a box and now it's the most contested zone in the house

Been chatting to someone who does VFX and is hoping to turn it from a side gig into more of a main gig. You can see examples of their work at . If you'd like any VFX done for your project, give 'em a shout. :) They're also contactable on Bookface at .

Just discovered that pomegranate juice is a magical cure for bad period pain.

*happy cramp-free dance*

This speech to text thing I'm working with typed 'federal government' as 'Patriarchal Model', but you know, how wrong is it really XD

I'm trying to trace something for a client. It's a thin single-line image. When I save it to SVG and he imports into Vectric, it traces the edges of the line and thus creates two lines (as attached).

It looks like Vectric doesn't have the ability to center-line-trace. I've tried an Inkscape Extension but the results aren't great.

In my research I found someone saying that when this happens, the distance between the lines is actually negligible so it outputs as one line anyway.

Any thoughts?

Pertaining to that previous CW'd discussion on race/murder in South Africa, this is also very interesting to look at.

Zoom in on, for example, Cape Town (bottom left). Set the displayed data to Race, and look at how clearly the lines divide between areas of Black African, Coloured, Indian/Asian, White.

Then, keeping those lines of division in place, switch the displayed data to household income.

Discussing racism re. murder distribution in South Africa (pertaining to farm murders) 

Discussing racism re. murder distribution in South Africa (pertaining to farm murders) 

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