Things I suck at drawing: faces

Need to sink some time and practice into this.

Almost done with beetle! Needed a break from it but the power's still out so I drew a jellyfish to kill more time.

This big boi is a waterbuck. They have 'targets' on their butts that they use to follow each other when running from prey. They grow long hairs around their necks which are hollow and help with buoyancy when swimming.

Nikon D7000, Tamron 18-400mm

Hazy sunset shot from last night. The mountain in the background is Table Mountain, Cape Town.

Nikon D7000, Tamron 18-400mm lens.

Bit short on cash this week. If you'd like some nice arty bits, shoot me $2 on and I'll either render you a 4k fractal in your choice of colour (see for examples), or draw you a little digital ornate black and white mandala (and can incorporate a flower theme if you have a favourite flower or leaf shape). Whichever you prefer. <3

Cool thing I just found out about. Great idea for gifting some of these things in honour of people. I also really like that you can buy 'shares' of gifts for much cheaper, so if you want to contribute to something worthwhile but don't have much cash to spare, you can still do that ^.^

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@welshpixie if you dont need a specific brand you can put usually have the doctor put something like ‘substitutions okay’ on your script and the pharmacy will automatically just pick the cheapest fill for that dosage/delivery type

(I haven’t done this for insulin but I have for several other meds so, its worth at least asking your doctor about)

Here's my dog (left) and my friends' dog cavorting in the estuary, and you can see the kingfisher I took a closer shot of, sitting on the fence pole above.

Our fiery skyball just before sinking behind the mountains of the Cape Peninsula on the other side of our bay.

Nikon D7000, Tamron 18-400mm

Pied kingfisher :D

Nikon D7000, Tamron 18-400mm (And this is why I love this lens! From 18mm landscapes to 400mm bird shots without faffing with swapping out lenses <3)

Really hazy evening so the sunlight was blooming all over the place :D

Nikon D7000, Tamron 18-400mm

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