Food pic - breakfast! 

I think I figured it out. I looked up the instruction manual for the device he's using - you can set an 'alarm' value, e.g. 100Hz, and then set the device to show a percentage of this value. He doesn't actually say what he's set this value at in the video so it's entirely useless (no surprise).

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Alright, who knows about radio frequencies? Seeing a video circulating where some guy is demonstrating dangerous levels of RFF near 5G towers but the equipment he's using measures in 'percentage'; "an RF frequency over 20% can injure people, over 100% can burn someone". What kind of measurement is %?? (I'm trying to debunk the video)

Conspiracy theorists are a pox on humanity.

Good morning! It's brisk and windy and there's a big cloud carpet hanging over the mountain blocking the sunrise ^.^

Pictures of Yorkshire puddings 

Exercises done!

5 minutes Ashtanga yoga to warm up

Cardio: 1m on then 1m rest of:

Step-ups at 1.5feet high
10kg deadlift squat floor to over-head
5kg dumbbell cross body chop
Standing rotational march
Knees pump
Trampoline bounce
Trampoline jog
Running up and down the garden path with the dog x3

Then cooldown 5 minutes of stretching on the floor :)

A good 30 minute set combining some weight work and cario and core stuff ^.^

Take a place name and replace the first syllable with the word 'moon'.

For example:

Moonighted Kingdom

Enjoy :p

I made a free connect-the-dots printable PDF! Grab it here - you can even colour it afterwards! :D

Enjoy! <3

I made veg spring rolls tonight and then I thought "what if I put banana and dark chocolate in spring rolls?" and my life will never be the same

Made nice lunch! Vegetarian recipe 

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