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Bunch of toots incoming with previews of digital art I have for sale (or scans of hand-drawn that I'm selling as digital files). The idea here is that since posting is shit right now, you can buy a high res digital file from me and print it / get it printed yourself :) All files are $5 base price, tips welcome, payment to :mandala:

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I'm open for ^.^ I mostly do mandalas, and can incorporate different elements (flowers, symbology, though I'm not good at animals or people), but I also do abstract work and floral illustrations (like words surrounded by botanicals).

Prices include shipping and are roughly, depending on complexity:

A5: $40 USD
A4: $80 USD
A3: $150 USD
A2: $250 USD

With an extra $15 for registered mail with a tracking number.

Email: ^.^

Did you know that @lauraritchie wrote and published a book and recorded the audio for the audio book and you can grab it at ? :D (And you can read her toot about it here >


Apologies if I've posted something similar previously, but I walked past this spot today, one of my favourite views of my favourite mountain, Penpych. I've put a yellow splodge roughly on the house that myself and @welshpixie were born and brought up in. It was a fabulous place to live, but not nearly as many trees in those days. And a lot greyer when the collieries were open until the late 60's. The air quality now is quite amazingly good 😊

Hey, I'm looking for French to English translators contributors for my webcomic Pepper&Carrot. I detail why and how in this article:

Need help finding ideal external USB webcam for my partner. She needs a camera with sharp image, good light adjustment and the ability to focus on her face as well as anything she holds up to the camera. Mic is less important. Must work with Mac M1 devices. Budget isn't (too) much of an issue. Please advise and boost. Thanks.

'I'm ... not really into all that "mate for life, sexy pheremones" sort of stuff,' they said.

The werewolf blushed. 'No, no! Nothing like that. It's mostly going for runs and having *very* comfortable naps.' She paused. 'You do get an aversion to baths, I guess, but who likes baths anyway?' she shuddered.

'I don't understand. Why me?'

'Well ... it's also about having a pack. A family. And I sort of thought ... you could use one.'

Holding back tears, the human nodded.

#microfiction #TootFic

Last night, after hearing some booms in my ears as I was falling asleep, I discovered that Exploding Head Syndrome is a thing 😂😂 (I didn't get any of the other mentioned things, just the noises)
((If you reply with unsolicited advice I will curse you before I block you))

For anyone watching, keep an eye out for geckos running up and down the branches - they're getting more active now with the weather warming up 😁

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Ya know, I started this on crap paper just as a rough practice thing but it actually looks pretty good so I think I'll stop here and do it on proper paper tomorrow o.o

The neighbourhood hums
Grass smells carry on the breeze
Sunday is lawn day

Friend is driving through the Netherlands and has noticed a lot of dragon statues (not the golden one, he's seen some silver ones) and he's wondering if they're connected to dragons in folklore or something - anyone have any insight? :)

📡 Prepare to dive with me in the meanders of a curve-bent geography.

MÄANDERTAL (meandering around meander valley)

✉️ sending out free copies to the fediverse all around the globe (dm me)
🖤 Special Thanks to @welshpixie for the beautiful cover calligraphy!

@zine #zine #art #book

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