My friend's got this book project on Unbound; - it's a study of cities in videogames. If you like videogames, urban planning, and maps, it's probably your kinda thing. :D

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Last week, inspired by @welshpixie I did some and it was fun. It's a fantastic adventure to go with your kid too!

Can't wait to do some more.

Have a great day, everyone!!?showOnly=openAccess&offset=0&pageSize=0&q=sword&perPage=80&sortBy=Relevance&sortOrder=asc&searchField=All

A magnificent array of swords, photographed in high resolution by The Met. Go have a look. Delve into a world of pretty ornamentation and amazing miniature relief sculpture. I'll put the kettle on. ^.^

We've been having winds of 170kmh here the past couple of days. My friend's renting a place near me, the wind blew her concrete wall down overnight :O

(Our house is fine; had a bit of rain blowing through the front door but not enough to do any damage.)

Working on cathedral mandala a bit. The hot wetaher has finally broken - it's cool now with 103kmh winds blowing precipitation down from the low cloud covering the mountaintop :o

The big fan just died (it's 34C), which means that I, too, will shortly die. RIP me. *melts into a puddle of goo and then evaporates*

... spot on search engines from the meme and replace it with trans writing, but it was clearly ill considered. She wants to convey her deep sorrow that her writing has for so many readers failed so badly to do what she hoped. She has withdrawn her future submissions and would appreciate privacy."

Alt text: "The author is a trans woman. She has requested that the story be withdrawn and the payment donated to a charity, but Neil's recovery from heart surgery needs to come first."
"More from her: There was no plot to astroturf the comments and no intention of secret Nazi imagery. Isabel was born in 1988. Her name is not based on anyone else's work. She is not familiar with TERF talking points and tries to avoid them out of personal distaste. The intent of the title was to steal the top...

Sci-fi short story "I sexually identify as an attack helicopter". This is a magnificent read. The author requested it pulled from the site because of the backlash she's receiving (see attached image), but it's still available on the wayback machine.

You stop at the petrol station for a cold drink. The sky is hazy from the day's heat, blue into purple into red as the sun sets behind silhouetted eucalyptus. Etta James' At Last blasts through the kiosk doors, bluesy piano carried by the hot wind. A man sits alone at a picnic table eating a pie from a paper bag. He looks up as you pass.

Set up a Tumblr to collate my bits in one place. I'll still post them here! :)

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Bit late but here I go with 2019 stuff for

I do digital illustrations, paintings, children's book illustrations (I made my own illustrated short story) and cartoony characters.

Also traditional sketches:

Commissions open!

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