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Warden is a gentle, wholesome male-male romance in a fantasy setting that doesn’t delve into sexual detail and is light on violence.

Join Dain, a cheeky roguish ranger, and Alwyn, a quiet magic-wielding warden, as they work together to unravel a threat to the kingdom, unravelling the truth about themselves in the process. (Cheesy, I know! :P)

Blurb and purchase links here:

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Opening commissions! This is all for digital work, I'll get you a high res scan that you can print or use your end.

1-3 large words - $5
4+ large words = $10
One small verse - $5
Several verses on A5 - $10
Several verses on A5 with decorative border - $15
Verses on A4 - $15
Verses on A4 with decorative border - $25

They'll be done in black ink, blackletter font.

DM me first with what you want because I'll have to check what size paper it'll fit on.

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Bunch of toots incoming with previews of digital art I have for sale (or scans of hand-drawn that I'm selling as digital files). The idea here is that since posting is shit right now, you can buy a high res digital file from me and print it / get it printed yourself :) All files are $5 base price, tips welcome, payment to :mandala:

Whenever you go to the bathroom in this house you have to hold the door for the procession of cats who want to be in there with you, then when you're in there they all look up at you like "ok now what"

Finished my first Expert difficulty song in Beat Saber! It's Carly Rae's Call Me Maybe. It's fun :D :D

My second is done! Or at least the Demo.
Yes I know, I'm a master at advertising. Never mentioning my project the whole Semester. Oh well.

It's my second semester project for Game Dev Uni, and it's a 3D Puzzle-Platformer made in :D

You can check it out here, as well as my other projects!

It's a cool day today so the cats have more energy and are making up for lost time by tearing around the house. The dog is very disconcerted by this, and keeps looking at me like "Do you see them? Do you see what they're doing?!?"

Weird dream (death, aliens, invasion) 

And there were people in there using it. I went in to look around and found evidence that the aliens were still there, and triggered the evaporator to get rid of them, then as I was running out of the building before it went off I remembered that there were people inside and I was like 'oh shit'. But it was the kind of 'oh shit' you had when you accidentally did something bad in school and were waiting to find out if you'd get caught XD

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Weird dream (death, aliens, invasion) 

I dreamed that I found some old school that had been previously infested by an alien species and then they had been eradicated by the government but all the things the government had put in to deal with them were still there, like a thing that locked down the building and then blitzed it with some evaporator device which killed all biological life inside.

Anyway, fast forward and they had re-opened the school as a community center (cont)

Morning calligradraw. You can blame this one on @nicknicknicknick who posted an intermission image the other day and got my brain noodles noodling XD

Drawn on Canson Montval Watercolour 185g with a Pentel Pilot pen and Ecoline mahogany ink, an Edding gold fineliner, and Copic and Sakura Pigma Micron multiliners. Took about an hour.

Soooo apparently on Saturday, we (Cape Town) were the hottest place on the planet :o

I need another phrase that's like 'fuck off into the sun' or 'get in the sea' - what've you got, Masto :D

In today's lesson, Lord Scrufflesnoot of the High Fens, Velveteen Gutripper demonstrates "how to do an cute sleps if u r an cat"

@meena came across somone on redddit asking how to hide nft people on twitter. Seems to have some success with uBlock. The blocker, below, seems to work too but may trip twitters bot stuff and then there's Better Tweetdeck

Sorry for link spam 😁

Got about four hours sleep when it was cool enough overnight then it got hot again before the sun came up and it's back to 32C at 10am -.-

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