Ok I have one more commission to do, but I'm closing them for now so I can focus on my schoolwork! Thanks again to everyone who commissioned me!! It means a lot! πŸ’›

Boosting this again because I just paid for this semester's classes and I'm low on cash right now!!
If you're interested, contact me at jessicascoppettone@gmail.com!!

Screaming in joy at this commission from @vorpos of my old roleplaying characters.

Starting from the top and going clockwise:

* Meradith, the lynx CEO of a magitech cyberpunk corporation.
* Rose, a skunk hacker and holographic illusionist.
* Theta, a half-panther, half-squirrel mercenary and do-gooder.

Ko-Fi commission for @aliens !!
I'm still taking these commissions if interested!! Just email me @ jessicascoppettone@gmail.com to tell me what you'd like!!

My cat Bernie had to go to the vet, and his bill is pretty expensive. Here's a reminder that I still have Ko-fi commissions open if you'd like to help my family and I pay for it-- AND you'll get a cute doodle!! Anything helps though, and shares are appreciated!!
Email me at jessicascoppettone@gmail.com if you're interested!!

Also!! I'm gonna be moving soon, so commissions are open again!!
Email me at jessicascoppettone@gmail.com if interested!!

Hey everyone!! Here's some things that I did for Art Fight this year!!
The characters belong to Elliebot, PirateShrimp, parazgon, and Tybaxel, respectively!!

Hey!! I'm almost done with commissions, but for now here's some break paintings I did over the weekend!

Commission from @vorpos !

Generally, my wings are built more for gliding than flying.
But sometimes, it's just nice to crack open a temporary flight power-up, and soar.


commissions are officially CLOSED!! thank you everyone for your support!!! πŸ’›πŸπŸ’›


Hey there ! I forgot to tag the previous post so here goes.
I'm Shad, I mostly post my paintings but also try my hand at various stuff all the time.
Here's a quick sample of my work, hope you'll enjoy !

Thank you all so much for your interest and boosting!! It means a lot to me πŸ’›β­οΈπŸ’›

Another thing is that I'm currently taking emergency commissions because my parents and I gotta pay a $1400 car bill!! Likes/Boosts are helpful and thanks for reading!!

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