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cosmos from 2018

one of my sad demon ocs....i barely draw him OTL. he's chill and sad tho

A while ago the pokefusions were so popular on tw and i did this big purple snek that received tons of love. I wanted to share it here too, hope you like it ^^

SO! Brushing the dust off this account since I see the interface looks a lot cleaner. Looks like I haven't updated in quite some time, so here's something I did a while ago. My Dungeon World character Danica Wheeler, at the start of our campaign!

If you wanna check out more of my characters/designs you can head to my toyhouse!

But my personal ocs are for registered users ONLY! (You can probably ask around for codes, as i dont have any to offer i apologize)

gore/flayed skin 

vaughn from 2018

this was my first digital painting attempt. was meant to be more than a bust but my painting style is Very time consuming

nsfw in terms of latex gear?? 

husky 2018

i have an oc that dresses like this 24/7 IM SORRY

an hour and a half study with flight adjustments. i think this was done on one layer minus the water

old moomin study from 2018....still like this one a lot

artistic nudity 

memory from 2018 AGAIN

never finished but a redraw of alexandre cabanel's fallen angel. this was an old vent believe it or not

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