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Hi I'm Fairy/Cj!!!! I like to draw digitally, do small animations and I do commissions to help with money problems and college !!!
dms are always open thank u have a good day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cosmos from 2018

one of my sad demon ocs....i barely draw him OTL. he's chill and sad tho

A while ago the pokefusions were so popular on tw and i did this big purple snek that received tons of love. I wanted to share it here too, hope you like it ^^

SO! Brushing the dust off this account since I see the interface looks a lot cleaner. Looks like I haven't updated in quite some time, so here's something I did a while ago. My Dungeon World character Danica Wheeler, at the start of our campaign!

πŸ‘Ύ Forgot to introduce myself!! Hello! My name is Elijah, I'm 19 and I draw cartoons and especially sonic. I love werewolves and I'm going to study animation in Maine πŸ‘Ύ

If you wanna check out more of my characters/designs you can head to my toyhouse!

But my personal ocs are for registered users ONLY! (You can probably ask around for codes, as i dont have any to offer i apologize)

gore/flayed skin 

Some reference sheets for my characters
(I don't think there's anything with nudity on these? Let me know and I'll delete it.)

nsfw in terms of latex gear?? 

old moomin study from 2018....still like this one a lot

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