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Hi Mastodon! I draw elves, your OCs, elves, demons, spooky things, and elves.

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Hey guys! My commissions are now open -- you can find all the info about them here:

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for starters, here's a unicorn from last year that I never finished!

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oh thank god I figured out how to filter notifications. thank you for the love everyone <3

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Good Morning ! Since I'm working on I figured I'd post another character from the DC universe I made a while back, so here's ! Based on a concept by Corey Smith.

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blood, knife 

old art of a friend's tiefling rogue

she could shank me and i would thank her

Here's Mielle! It's way past Beerfest now, but this picture still makes me happy.

Okay now that I have established rapport here I can start spamming elves

Here's my friend's character in moonkin kigurumi!

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i put together a ton of one-image beginner-friendly drawing tutorials that folks here might find helpful, including this one! megathread below 👇

edges are my enemy despite how edgy im trying to be literally at all times

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Here are some cursed weapons i drew.

i bet these fuckers whisper shit to you when you wield them, about how your aim is off, or you gotta work on your swingin' arm.

#mastoart #weapons #fantasy

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