I think I hadn't done a self portrait in nearly a decade (maybe more) I went from doing a lot of it when i was younger to really disliking how it became something expected to have online: how one looks like. I like this image of me testing a new lens from last october through so I will put it out here.

But then again, is this even a self-portrait or a portrait at all?

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@eylul i love your thoughts as well as the picture! it is an interesting question, is it a portrait? with the light test context,zero in a way it can be seen as a picture of light in which you are a background figure..
i draw a lot self portraits, and it's a very thematically wrought area i think. it's very personal, yet it feels removed from yourself in a way selfies aren't.

@eylul idek how auto correct put the word 'zero' in there..

@vivaizix I will reply to your comment itself, but this made me laugh out loud. :)

Autocorrect logic is a great mystery ;D

@vivaizix Added to this I think is the loaded question around how much photography is documentation of truth vs how much it is a creation of image. I know it isn't a very original or new conversation but it was also contributing to the thought process of that caption.

Thank you for the thoughtful comment. :)

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