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i'm vivaizix, viv, sarah, or pre. i'm a 28 year old community college art student, making videogames, pixelart, ink/pen/pencil drawings, paintings, sculptures, and writings. i like mixed media and experimentation. i toot a lot about my mental+physical health recovery, snacks, and overwatch.

you can check out my videogames on itchio:

(another re- thread because i am older now)

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๐Ÿ„ Mushroom Goat adoptables! ๐Ÿ

My first series. These lovely critters may champion the forces of decay, but their love for you can only grow!

Payments accepted through Venmo and Paypal. DM to purchase. More details in thread โœจ

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For ez reading, here's a toot thread of all the games i've made so far!

Starting with my first game, GAY FOREST SIMULATOR 2015! You collect firewood so you can have a lovely night with your girlfriend. Very short, simple, not much to it, really was just an experiment to try stuff out. Cute tho.

download to play here (prob windows only?):

if you don't have the VX Ace runtime package, you'll need to download that here:

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Hello everybody!
I'm an account that boost art made by artist women of the Fediverse. My purpose is to share women's art and help artist women to be more visible. I will boost toots made by professional and amateur artists alike.
I'm not a bot. All boost are made manually.

@vivaizix really just makes me depressed because it's not even fandom, it's like. they aren't people anymore. like there's consumerism where you feel the need to enhance yourself with brands or interests and that's sad but also just our society. but it really seems like it's gotten to a different level for some folks where they really have nothing but what they consume. not a hot take by any means just grumbling because every time i see it i get so bummed

what level of capitalism are you on when you advertise on your popular post/tweet 'buy *extremely popular artists* album' or spout 'sub to pewdiepie'. like already these people have shit taste but also so little personality they can't even promote themselves, just someone who's already rich and famous, and they want them to be more rich and famous so when they construct their lives around liking them they can maintain some semblance of having something going for them

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appreciation, confusion โš” fear, hatred

(this post brought to you by the fact there is no sword fighter, or other fighter like boxer or smthin, emoji. technology has failed me yet again)

performing an act of kindness towards a bigoted cishet and watching their two last brain cells fight to the death

trying to get into esports is impossible and tiring. how do you figure out which of these toxic men who resigned themselves to years of overworking for minimal pay you're supposed to like especially when you have no sense of national or regional loyalty

@vivaizix it *was* a drawing of moomin with a knife which is amazingly on brand for me, so my distraught is very mixed. like fuck you twitter but god bless knife moomin

barely used twitter anymore, saw someone i didn't recognize and.. just getting tweets from people i don't follow on my timeline. not liked or boosted or "in my radar" or whatever. just straight up intruders

the rest of my current batch of improved habits are still Under Construction but i've made my bed every morning for 3 weeks straight so that's dope

@vivaizix really i guess it was the first game i played that made me appreciate and seek out alternative game styles. so as terrible as it actually is, i'm doomed to have a soft spot for it

watching supergreatfriend's indigo prophecy playthrough - often i look back at crappy things i enjoyed and still find the appeal. indigo prophecy is..... very bad lmao. but i remember that it was the first game i played that tried to do something different. at the time i was playing a lot of halo, call of duty, fable, pokemon. i was so blown away by the new structure i overlooked the bad writing (which ofc now i appreciate in a b-movie way)

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me getting ready in the morning: good outfit, good hair, good lookin girl. ladies should swoon

gets within 20 feet of a pretty girl:

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