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For ez reading, here's a toot thread of all the games i've made so far!

Starting with my first game, GAY FOREST SIMULATOR 2015! You collect firewood so you can have a lovely night with your girlfriend. Very short, simple, not much to it, really was just an experiment to try stuff out. Cute tho.

download to play here (prob windows only?):

if you don't have the VX Ace runtime package, you'll need to download that here:

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re- since it's been awhile!

i'm vivaizix, or sarah. πŸ„ i'm a 27 year old art student looking to study game design / new media. i make videogames, sculptures, illustrations (ink, paint, digital), comics, and i write.
mixed media is my jam. i talk a lot about my personal progress, and concepts in art and games.
you can check out my videogames on itchio: or

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@vivaizix you caught a small lavender zilly! you should name it something special.

*signing in to overwatch to see someone i reported got yoinked* mmm refreshing

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new hanzo skin = counting down the hours until they change it so he looks half the intended age again

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while we're talking abt showers & smelling bad! if you have one of those mental illnesses where sometimes you smell bad because yr brain sucks too much for hygeine (big mood!):

changing your undergarments/clothing every day has more impact on your smell than showering every day

take the best care of yourself that you can, I'm not saying 'just do laundry, never bathe,' but if you Badly need to smell better and you only have the energy to do one of laundry or a shower... laundry's more effective

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If anyone wants to help me buy food (yesterday and today, I haven’t eaten. I have no groceries)β€”β€”-> my PayPal is

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shoutout to whoever left this jean jacket that fits me *perfectly* at my school's clothing drive

goblin - orc solidarity is what my soul needs this year

@vivaizix many pantries also just need **money** to get specifics, or keep their locations as rent rises.

some, especially homeless youth centers and places for folks to hang out during the day, need clothing, books, DVDs, cell phone minute cards or gift cards.

food pantries, places that provide hot meals, and shelters are likely to have drastic increases in use as benefits start failing.

please consider donating items or your time. try checking in before donating items to see what they're in need of most.

if you can, keep extra food, toiletries, blankets, and/or money (whole bills, not change) with you to give to homeless folks, who often can't use pantries (many require proof of address).

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being good at sculpture, sewing, and design makes me think i'd be a great fursuit maker (with practice), but i am also: poor

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is there anything in sci-fi/sci-fantasy media that you wish you saw more of (or just saw at all)?

I'm curious because I always seem to walk away a little dissatisfied with the genre as a whole and I don't know why.

I'm going to bed but I'd love to see your thoughts! πŸ’š

@FishingMinigame the host for my bot, CBTS, is down rn :( hopefully will be returning soon!

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