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On blocking 

Block and mute early

Block and mute often

Do it for reasons that are entirely "selfish"

No one is entitled to your attention

There will not be a test

Nothing bad happens if you don't hear them

Too many techbros? Mute 'em all

That one guy's jokes need a CW? Your timeline can be full of other stuff

You can even mute that one person's boosts while keeping their posts

It's not censorship; you're not hurting that person

And you don't ever need to explain it or tell anyone

Haha I'm getting the sore fingertips and beginning of calluses already.

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Our elliptical has been making a rather loud squeaking noise lately, not ALL the time but quite frequently. Got a guy out to come and look at it.

We can't replicate the noise anymore. 😑

Bandcamp is donating their share of sales to the NAACP this Friday:

"This Friday, June 19th (from midnight to midnight Pacific Time), we’re donating 100% of our share of sales to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, a racial justice organization with a long history of effectively enacting change through litigation, advocacy, and public education. Please read our statement here:

#bandcamp #music


Kristina's been having stomach issues recently so made herself a bland dinner and I made my own. She can't eat garlic at the best of times, so I made myself a tomato pasta sauce with LOTS of garlic, and it was goooooood.

Have I mentioned how much I love our solar panels? We've used 19kWh so far today (the aforementioned bread, plus I also did a bunch of washing and using the dryer, and the space heater has been on in the office), and yet only imported 2kWh from the grid.

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It's here, and it looks amazing! Noticeably lighter than the old one, and much easier to press down on the strings too.

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Oh man, Tabasco make their own brand of sriracha hot sauce and it's REALLY good!

Upside of 3pm or so in winter: glorious warm winter sunshine streaming in the windows.

Downside of it: you can see EXACTLY how horrifyingly dusty everything is.


How's that for a professional-looking cup of coffee!


Lily and I made dinner rolls last night (well, I say Lily and I, but it was mostly Lily!) and they came out excellently. I had some of the leftovers for lunch today as well.

what does AP flour stand for anyway

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