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i hate to be a grammar snob, but it should actually be "Fewer Miserables"

TIL There are mini truck garden contests in Japan

The “kei” trucks are barely larger than city cars. The goal is to build the most aesthetically pleasing garden in the truck bed

hell yeah time to go BEAST MODE [I run towards another dog while barking furiously only to find when I arrive that it's much bigger than I originally thought and so I turn and flee back the way I came, but with the bigger dog now in hot pursuit]

Game: "We have unlimited customization!"
Me: *still can't make my character black or have a selection of natural hairstyles*

One of my favorite things about the fediverse is that it's realistically possible to learn, apologize, do better, and take what you've learned into everyday life.

[yes, this is a subtoot, but it's broadly relevant and I'm not gonna jump into someone else's thread and make it about me.]

OMFG you can FINALLY turn Netflix’s stupid autoplay preview bullshit off! 🎉🎉🎉

here's the thing about communism.. eventually, you run out of other people's cum

[aide whispers in my ear]

it has come to my attention that i have been fundamentally misunderstanding communism

Any phone can be foldable if you believe & try hard enough

Today I was trying to describe my extra wide chair to someone and I couldn’t remember what it was called so I said “it’s like one and a half...butts?”

me reading about the butlerian jihad in dune: thats silly, why would people want to destroy all computers

me after living through the 2010s: ah

if you released blazing saddles today, people would be furious. they would say "wait, ive already seen this, this is just a shot-for-shot remake of blazing saddles"

The 1926 building I visited today for work has an odd and ambiguously motivating slogan in its lobby

whatever you’re doing, wherever you are, there’s software fucking it up

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