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The goats that live near the train station had escaped this morning, yet again. You might call them... escape goats.


Selfie, eye contact from both man and dog 


If you can.

Caption your images.

We got blind people on this here fediverse and they deserve to know the jokes too.

In the grim darkness of the far, far future, there is only BUREAUCRACY

[I move a tiny model of a Space Planner towards the objective, a Review of Determination form]

You can get it gigging
You can get it rigging
You can get it branding a cow
Matter of fact I've got it now

potential World of Warcraft story spoilers 

Imagine what could be accomplished if it wasn't for the us having to be deal with white folks that have dedicated their existence to hating people they don't know.

Imagine the possibilities.

White Americans: OMG Medicare for All is TOO HARD! It's impossible! We shouldn't even try because... uhm... taxes!

Congolese: Fuck it, let's just cure ebola right quick.

Running an old node project, 2015: fails because no lockfile

Running an old node project, 2019: npm has found 3,000 vulnerabilities across 5 million dependencies

Who today isn't familiar with the sight of skull faces decked out with rhinestones and streaks of neon paints? Crowns of cascading roses and marigolds or maybe a tall pinstriped topped hat framing a grotesquely grimacing face and fanciful clothing to complete the look. The past 25 years has seen Dia de los Muertos go from an obscure ritual celebrated in remote Mexico to global phenomenon with parades and parties hosted from October 31st to November 2nd, both religious and as pop art.

There's a lizard that lives in the empty planter box under our pergola and Beanie is OBSESSED with it. I don't know what he thinks he's going to do, he's never going to catch it!

Food, bread 

I think I'm done with the Duplo, aside from maybe some contrast in some spots.

And I did some more contrast around the table, and I've started on the reflections and light on the side of the big plastic tub we put the Duplo in. #wip #mastoart


There's still more Duplo to do.

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