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Clothed figure drawing reference pictures 

New idea, fried chicken hut called Baba Yaga's. Yes, all the restaurants will be held up on giant chicken legs. Yes the restaurants will walk around town at frightening speeds and do free delivery to those that can't walk/drive

Watching woodworking videos made by people in the US:
"I'll drill a 13/64th inch hole"

Health (-) 

Bam, new personal best on the elliptical, 856 calories! 💪

Now that it’s getting nicer outside our grevillea (cultivar “Pretty Kitty™”) is starting to flower again. #cats #MastoCats

The spam comments on my blog are now about hair products.

"Ready for a new look? See pictures of the hottest hairstyles, haircuts and colors of 2019."

What. O_o

millennials and gen z aren't the gayest generations. every generation before had just as many queer people, this is what happens when you remove most legal and many social repercussions for sga and gnc behavior and when you have easily accessible information on queerness.

why are programmers predisposed to avoid unionization to the point that they'll try everything under the sun, and invent it all twice, before even uttering the word "union"?

You can get it chilling
You can get it dilling
You can get it tweaking a cow
Matter of fact I've got it now

I have to say my fave ever type of protest sign are the ones that say shit like 'down with this sort of thing'. I saw one yesterday that said 'this is all VERY inconvenient'

programmers conventionally use loop variables named "i" and "j" which stand for "index" and "jndex"

Aw yeah, more Kill Team! We did a 2v2 and my Plague Marines are delightfully hard to kill.

The trams are nearly here! Currently undergoing testing along George St.

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