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Phew, finished my artwork. Not sure if I got the form composition right - looks a bit overkill to me.
C&C are welcome :)

Dont think I posted this here. But here's a process vid of me drawerin :p kinda boring, but just in case y'all were interested in how I do stuff

I am merciless to bigots, and those that are bigot adjacent, for the sake of growth.

You cannot have a healthy, progressive and healing space and give ear to the whining and endless navel gazing of people who are too afraid to take a stand against bigotry. B/c they are bigots themselves.

I have no sympathy for people that are bigots. I have no sympathy for people that empathize with bigots.

It's not b/c I enjoy being mean to people, but rather if they aren't trying to help, what's the point?

I am extremely ready for this cold to be over. I came down with it on Thursday evening last week, it's now Wednesday morning and I'm still congested.

I guess at least it's not one of those ones that renders me absolutely unable to brain, I've been able to do all sorts of coding things the last week or so.

Beanie is taking full advantage of both the winter sun AND the space heater.

One of the worst things about setting up a new computer is the few minutes that you have to go without adblock. I don’t know how some people browse without it.

Virgin shaming, sexual assault 

Why does Shankly look like he's about to give me some advice that boils down to "you can't trust broads"

I'm currently tooling around in Mac OS 9 on the old Power Mac G4 I bought a while back (, and CHRIST I always forget how damned noisy computers used to be back in the day!

Hello? Yes. I'd like to exchange my Batman please...

You've slept for so long that even your name has been forgotten, and your bones have taken root deep into the ground. Wake up, my child, for I gave you a whole new life.

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