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Just added two-factor auth to my GitHub and Bitbucket accounts courtesy of my YubiKey and U2F. It's very slick, looking forward to it becoming more widespread with WebAuthn!

It's also extremely depressing how far behind banks are on all of this. :\

I am currently drinking mead out of the FANTASTICALLY tacky wolf-head goblet that my wife got me for my birthday last year. 👌

I love how the word 'wonky' can mean both

'highly complex technical argument able to be grasped only by an ultra-sophisticated intellectual elite'


'a tottering structure built on a shaky foundation that one accidental brush with reality will bring crashing down'

being good with computers is just about being flustered while saying 'fuck' a lot in a way that signals no one should approach you, then googling it

📣 bay area folks: getting rid of a lot of quality things for free or cheap. i will curate a full list sometime this week. things like an elevated 2 person dining table, apple tv, ps4, etc.! dm me for more details abt location/pickup. PLEASE BOOST. 📣

Please #StopUsingMedium. It’s really annoying and makes me not read your content, no matter how good it is. Not specific for this author. This a general statement.

So here's a stupid idea - buff Obelix.
(it's stupid because the original design is flawless, fyi)

Well, I guess that is one valid hostname I could choose for my server, Scaleway. Thank you for the suggestion.

@ebassi I'm sorry, but I completely disagree with this conclusion.

As a black person who tries to push privacy, I push federation not for self-hosting, but for community-based hosting. It's a given that not everyone has the time or resources to put into hosting their own services. Federation empowers users to be able to trust their administrators or be them. This is invaluable for marginalized groups.

As a black person, it's a fact there are people who will attack me because of my blackness or because I speak to the issues black people face. On some centralized platforms, there wouldn't be recourse. I would have to hit report, wait for something to get through the moderation queue, and hope the user is banned. In a lot of cases, harassers are left on the platform.

With people like hosting communities for black people, all you have to do is DM your admin or a mod and they can prevent that user from harassing anyone else on the server.

Federation is not a "fuck you, got mine" system. It's a system we can use in order to protect each other.

I've fallen down the de-centralisation rabbit hole. Dat is neat ( and I could see myself using it, Scuttlebutt ( and Cabal ( also seem interesting but the problem would be actually getting anyone else I know to use them.

I’m playing around in Pythonista on my iPad, and damn it’s impressive. I bought it a while back but never had the screen real estate on the old iPad mini to make it useful. It’s fantastic on the iPad Pro with the Apple keyboard cover though! Makes me wonder why there’s no Node.js equivalent, because I would use the hell out of that.

Legendary Apollo project programmer Margaret Hamilton, next to a printout of the node_modules directory listing for her first Hello World react app

Hmmmmmmm. Pondering putting ESXi on my Mac mini and having a play... 🤔

Christ, today has been A Day. Absolutely having a stiff drink tonight.

All right, I’m ready to storm the fortress!

Yeah, this is everything I’m bringing.

No, we don’t need anything else. You have wings and my sword is ON FIRE. I think we’re good.

Someone: "Science is a precise and exact thing with definite answers that everyone in the field agrees on"

Chemists: Haha no

Physicists: *maniacal laughing*

Linguists: *fistfighting each other whilst cackling like hyenas*

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