@neko Hahaha. Yeah I'm keen to get it set up properly!

Well, that was fairly straightforward! I followed Adafruit's guide at learn.adafruit.com/pm25-air-qu and it works! Next stop is to convert the Python code to Javascript/Node.js because I don't like Python. :P

@MattHatton ikr. There was nothing in the photos on the website for scale, heh.

My air quality sensor arrived! It's significantly smaller than I was expecting (20c coin for scale).

@koosli I've been using DDG for the past year and a half now, and unless I'm searching for something that's only _just_ happened, I haven't had any issues versus finding stuff with Google.

journalism, sexual assault reporting (link to article) 

Rendering like it's the 90's to hide all the flaws.😹

@Tarale I should get around to doing that one again, I've mostly been doing the overnight white, the difference in taste between the Saturday white and that is actually pretty noticeable!


@MattHatton 2000 or GTFO. (I've never played 3000).

I wholeheartedly endorse Cities: Skylines as the spiritual successor to SimCity though. I've sunk a LOT of time into the Xbox version, they did a fantastic job translating the controls to console.

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