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@mikelynch Good to hear you're okay, take care of yourself!

I have some important pre-bed Beanie content for you all.

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my big take on activitypub clients lately is that it's ridiculous to insist on "we only support these activities because we are a twitter clone AND NOTHING ELSE" like instead a client should focus on fostering and accessing an ecosystem of type support plugins. otherwise you go down this scope-denying rabbithole that only reinforces the power of the denying cadre. users should have broad capabilities to customize their own client, and to distribute customized clients.

look: i know scope-creep is bad news, but i want you to think hard about what it has done for facebook.

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Hands down, this is the best mashup of midcentury furniture, cocktail culture, and robotic age styling. Alleged to have been inspired by the moon landing. Vintage bar by Borghesani, 1969. (Photos by an unknown 1stDibs seller and Kelly Wearstler)

@liamvhogan @stibbons Yeah it's kind of shocking how much heat comes out of it.

@mike Hah, I have _absolutely_ done that. Which bit of software was it in your case?

@stibbons @liamvhogan Haha wow. TIL! But yeah, still got a Mac in the pipeline there somewhere though. :)

@liamvhogan Pretty sure you've got zero chance of that one, haha.

Hey yeah thanks I guess I have a question - well, it's more of a comment. Actually I suppose it's more of a statement. Now that I think about it, it's kind of a speech. Actually it's a short story. Alright it's a novel. Here is the first draft of my novel

Covid-19 test (results sorta?) 

@drbuttocks Just wow.

@nolan I tried WebStorm a handful of years ago, before I was using TypeScript, and it just felt _really_ bloated and slow and overkill for what I was doing.

Granted I'm not any sort of professional developer, just strictly hobbyist, but VS Code and TypeScript has been wonderful for me. :)

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