Tarale's bread making adventures 

Tarale's bread making adventures 

Tarale's bread making adventures 

@shadowbottle Hahah. I've not had any reason to muck around with it myself.

Existence as an abstract concept of suffering. A plea to the left regarding use of disabled lives as a rhetorical weapon. unlicensed.plague.doctor/2019/ #ukpol #disability

"The forest was shrinking, but the trees kept voting for the axe because it's handle was made of wood and they thought it was one of them."

-Turkish proverb.

and then god created enbies and he was like "oh shit thats tight these people are actually in my image, way moreso than male and female"
- genesis 1:27.5

here are some levar burton replacements for the drake emojis if you want them for your instance

Tarale's bread making adventures 

a bit trainspotty; electricals 

Hey, so, any recommendations of people to commission for a block-colour head & shoulders avatar in a cartoony style?

So if I did my maths correctly, our new hot water system used about 4kWh to heat up the entire tank _from cold_, whereas our old system would use about 3kWh just to keep the temperature hot. Interested to see what today's usage looks like when it updates tomorrow.

@Tarale Yeah that looks great! How are you finding Procreate 5? I haven’t done much of anything with it, my head has been in the coding space rather than artistic, and I find I can’t just jump back and forth between the two.

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