this company claims this smart clothespin will "revolutionize" how you do laundry and I say we pass a binding resolution at the UN that no companies anywhere are allowed to use "revolution" or any version of that word ever again.

Third day of photos! We went to Basel and visited Augusta Raurica, a Roman city from around 44 BC. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Then just wandered around the rest of Basel.

...of course, the appointment for the NBN installer person to come is on the Friday before we're going to my parents' for three weeks because we're getting our bathroom redone, heh. Might push the appointment back so we're not paying for a month's worth of connection where we won't even be there for three weeks of it.

Oh shit, we can sign up to the NBN now! (HFC).

Anyone else's brain automatically insert a command prompt on blank screens?

Welp, I've put the claim in with the insurance company for the camera and lens. Bets on how much of a fucking shitfight it's going to be? :\

@futzle Ha nice! I really liked it, there's more photos to come once I get around to processing them. :D

We went to Basel for a day which was great too, and went through Interlaken on the way to Lauterbrunnen.

We, uh, may have bought a bit of chocolate while we were in Switzerland.

(To be fair, not all of it is just for us).

I was going to have a stab at processing my photos, figured I'd make some use of the extra time, but noooope. Concentration needed for that, and I have zero of it.

There's the jetlag. It's currently 4:09am, I slept from about 11pm to 1:30am, and am apparently done with sleeping now.

I was reading up on it and it's always worse going from west to east, and your body can more easily deal with having a day lengthened as opposed to shortened. So I guess this is going to be a VERY long day, heh.

@wobin Fuck yeah we are, business class the entire way, both ways. :D

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