@stibbons @urbanfuzzy 👋 I don’t think we’ve spoken in person, no! Should make a point of it when all this is eventually over, especially given we’re on the same floor. 😅

@liamvhogan It _is_ available on Xbox and PS4! (I've been playing it exclusively on Xbox, they did a really good job of porting the controls).

Phew, that was a productive day. I fixed the door handle that was falling off on the (extremely dodgily-built by the previous owners) room we have in the back yard, fixed needing to lift said door up to lock the deadbolt, ripped all the weeds out of the garden along the side of the backyard, and pulled up all the dead leaves and dirt that was piling along the side of the back room as well.

And then I ordered a 4GB Raspberry Pi 4!


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@geordie 👋 I fixed the almost-falling-off door handle on the door in our backyard room, and also fixed the deadbolt in the same door from not closing if the door wasn't slightly lifted!

@Tarale @twiddlekins Most definitely, they're not ESSENTIAL but I've definitely gotten better results since I got them!

We decided to get a brief bit of sunshine and fresh air walking around Nurragingy Reserve. The lack of people was unsurprising, still feels weird though.

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