I wandered around the house with the camera earlier, haven’t done that in a bit. It’s a dreary day here, so the post-processing reflects that.


And the last batch of photos are up. Day 4 was geothermal springs (very cool, also very smelly), and Day 5 was a (very small) wildlife park and an alpaca farm!


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Day 3! If you're in or around Hamilton at any point, go visit the Hamilton Gardens, they're seriously fantastic. Whakarewarewa Forest is really cool as well, it's a big redwood forest with walking tracks through it. flickr.com/photos/virtualwolf/

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Day 2 was Piha Beach (black sand beaches are really neat), the Arataki Vistor Centre in the Waitakere Ranges, and a brief jaunt into Auckland CBD until we decided we were peopled out. flickr.com/photos/virtualwolf/

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I've uploaded my proper photos from our first day: flickr.com/photos/virtualwolf/

More to come tomorrow when my body clock doesn't think it's past midnight. :P

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We went to the birthday party of twin boys of friends of ours today at Bungarribee Park. It's only 20 minutes drive from our house and it's absolutely fantastic! It's _enormous_ and there's a massive constructed playground climbing thingo there too.

(Naturally there were photos: flickr.com/photos/virtualwolf/).

Beanie REALLY likes wedging himself into the space between Kristina’s hip/thigh and the arm of the lounge.


I took some photos with Night Mode on the iPhone 11 Pro while we were out at dinner last night, processed them on the iPad (but then had to upload them from Lightroom the computer because the state of tagging in Lightroom on iPad is woeful). flickr.com/photos/virtualwolf/

My favourite thing about the Metro is the photographic possibilities offered by being able to see directly out the front window because the trains are driverless.

And an ultrawide shot from level 9 at work, looking up Martin Place. flic.kr/p/2hVdKfA

Have some arty B&W Beanie! Taken on my iPhone 11 Pro, processed in Lightroom on my iPad. flic.kr/p/2hVa24P

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