And an ultrawide shot from level 9 at work, looking up Martin Place.

Have some arty B&W Beanie! Taken on my iPhone 11 Pro, processed in Lightroom on my iPad.

I went for a walk down to Barangaroo at lunch, took some photos with the iPhone 11 Pro's ultrawide! (Also got Belle's Hot Chicken for lunch on the way back, aw yiss).

Have some side-eye Beanie. (I love being able to take photos on our DSLR, import them wirelessly onto the iPad for editing, then chuck them up on Flickr).

A photo after work today, taken with my iPhone, edited on my iPad.

(Accessible description: a high-contrast black and white photo looking across a pedestrian crossing in Sydney’s CBD. Buildings tower in the background and cars are driving at the right of frame. At the left a building is half-constructed).

I took the iPhone 11 Pro out for a spin at lunch today to take some photos with the ultrawide lens. The lack of RAW support for the ultrawide makes me sad, hopefully they'll add it in a future update. I also managed to include my finger in a couple of shots as well. :P

We went to the Sydney Contemporary art exhibit at Carriageworks today! It was pretty cool, there were SO MANY paintings! Some of it was pure art wank ("Here's a painting that's indistinguishable from what a five year-old could do!") but not much. Naturally I took some photos of my favourites!

We went for a wander up Martin Place at lunch to take some photos! Decided to get my black-and-white on this time.

We went for our anniversary dinner tonight, then a wander through the city to walk it off afterwards. I brought the camera along and took some photos!

We used the brand-new Sydney Metro to get there and back (well, part of the way since they terminate at Chatswood), the trains are automated and driverless so you can stand at the very front of the train and look directly out the front window to watch yourself zooming through the tunnels! It honestly felt like we were in a city other than Sydney, because until now we've only had the massive double-decker trains.

We went to see Underworld play at the Sydney Opera House last night, and it seriously ruled. I only have three of their albums but recognised about half of the songs, and the light show was incredible!

And the final day that I still have photos for, day 10. 😕 We went to Bellinzona and Lugano which is in the south of Switzerland but right near the border with Italy, and it's crazy how much it feels like _actually_ being in Italy. All the architecture feels Mediterranean and all the signs are in Italian, but we didn't actually leave Switzerland.

Day 7! Not many photos in this one, we just visited the Swiss Transport Museum in Lucerne (which granted was pretty sweet).

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