I realised this brokenness because I'm mucking around with GitHub Actions as I've not used it before (I'm on Bitbucket and Pipelines for fairly obvious reasons).

Actions is interesting, though there's a lot more boilerplate compared to Bitbucket Pipelines in several cases, primarily with dependency caching but also with using secrets. .

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I just discovered that some of my website tests are now broken because I hard-coded some timestamps for the "expected" values, and they were in daylight savings, so now that we're out of daylight savings, they're all an hour off.

Have I mentioned recently how much I _hate_ working with timezones?

God DAMN it's satisfying when you finally crack a problem you've been bashing your head against for ages.

I should clarify that doing the direct-post-to-my-website thing is comparatively recent (since I moved to Mastodon full time). I was saving images and messages when posting to birbsite for a couple of years, but the bulk of my old images all went to Tumblr, but fortunately I'd designed my API such that I could point a small Node app at the Tumblr API and the other end at my website and I was able to suck in all the posts and images along with original post dates and tags!

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