And this batch of head sketches I started earlier in the week, and it was only about an hour and a half all up, which I’m pretty pleased with. It was mostly practice for getting the proportions right with my freehand guides and I think I succeeded! I used only the “Procreate Pencil” brush and the smudge tool. Pretty stoked at the result!

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I’ve finally been doing some more art in Procreate! I started this in February and kind of forgot it until now, it’s a bit basic but I like it.

I used to doodle jet fighters in my school books in primary school, and here I am again 25 years later! This was 40 minutes in Procreate with the Derwent and HB Pencil brushes.

I finally did some more arting! Procreate did a livestream with Pauline Voß, a German artist ( and I discovered she'd created her own brushes and recorded a video on her style and techniques ( I tried to emulate it, I struggled with the proportions and the lighting and she looks kind of dirty rather than artistically lit, but eh.

Art, eye contact 

I finally got around to doing another portrait! I call it “The Witch”, I was going to add a witch’s hat but couldn’t get it to look right. I took full advantage of Procreate’s symmetry guide, haha.

And then lastly, a volcano! This was properly quick, Procreate said it was only 45 minutes all up, but I think it's one of my better pieces. :D

Then I decided to go back to the perspective guides in Procreate and did this! Okay yes this was slightly over two hours, but I'm quite pleased with it. My biggest issue is working out how to put fine details in (there aren't any in this because I couldn't manage to make it look good).

I've been getting back into doing some art things, and inspired by @sylvia_ritter have been trying to almost speed-paint. My stuff is certainly not a patch on hers, but mostly just to try to not spend five hours getting every detail right! First up are these three simple crap ones from the past month or so.

More art! I called this one “The Emergence”, very much inspired by the Hive from Destiny.

Finally got back to doing some art! I bought a massive set of brushes and palettes, and found some fun ones. The top/background of this was meant to be towering craggy mountains and I could only see it as such, but when I showed Kristina she said “Oh that’s a cool sky!” and now my brain keeps flipping between the two!

I finished another piece in Procreate last night! I was browsing through images of robots and came across some cybernetic-but-still-recognisably-humanoid ones and was inspired. Done with the gouache brush, then the smudge tool to smooth it out.

A quick little doodle ( it still a doodle if it's using the acrylic brush in Procreate?) I did before bed the other night.

I finished another piece in Procreate the other day! Seriously happy with the lighting and how the candle came out in particular. I was inspired by walking into one of the rooms in our house JUST before it was totally dark outside, we've got thin curtains over the window, and the light was lovely. Obviously our house isn't lit by candlelight though. :P

I painted Maria Franz from the band Heilung! :D I'm absolutely STOKED with this, seriously proud of it. Procreate tells me it was nearly 10 hours, 25 layers, and 5447 strokes.

I also drew/painted my old teddy bear Neddy, who I've had since I was one year old!

Lily hasn't ever watched My Little Pony but she has great fun tracing the characters and making her own ones up in Procreate on her iPad. She challenged me to make one with the theme of "neon", and I came up with this, I'm very happy with the lighting in particular!

I am REALLY happy with how this portrait turned out! Procreate says it was seven and a half hours all up, it didn't feel like that long.

I did another quick portrait sketch today! Definitely noticing that I'm getting faster at it, and with more accurate proportions.

After doing that I realised I should probably better try to get my facial proportions consistently correct, and came across this really good series of tutorials by a Lebanese calligraphy artist! (specifically the human face ones). They're very much more in the cartoon vein than realistic, but I found they really helped.

They're all directly front-on, but I figure I need to start somewhere!

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