Our tiny little Christmas tree has been deployed! (There's nothing for scale but the entire thing is about 50cm high).

::extremely David Attenborough voice:: And here we see the very rare double-sploot!

I figure I should take an up-to-date photo of our lovely front garden while it's looking relatively green, before the Stage 2 water restrictions kick in next week.

Food, bread 

Yasss. (Sadly not opening it yet because it's a Christmas present).

I only have the original core set, looking forward to seeing how the new magic component is!

Tonight, we played Shadespire again! One guy had a warband from the newer box, and it’s definitely pretty imbalanced, we ended up going back the two core set warbands, heh.

This is the view from my office right now. The colour isn't wrong, it's actually that yellow from all the bushfire smoke. 😕

Beanie really REALLY wants the end of the carrot that Lily is eating!

The view from our lunch room at work (excuse the filthy windows). Yes, it's more bushfire smoke!

The blanket-snuggler has logged on and promptly fallen asleep.

Of course, because we haven't had enough air quality issues with all the bushfire smoke lately, we now have a mini dust storm going on.

Uh, that's a bit of a storm incoming. It's like night here now.

The blanket-snuggler is thinking extremely hard about lying down on the blanket.

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