Beanie REALLY likes being under any and all available blankets.

Warhammer 40K, body horror 

I'm taking full advantage of Games Workshop's new line of Contrast paints to finally get the TWENTY Poxwalkers from the Dark Imperium box set done.

Art, eye contact 

Watching The Supersizers ( with Kristina and Lily, and Beanie has made himself very comfortable.

And then lastly, a volcano! This was properly quick, Procreate said it was only 45 minutes all up, but I think it's one of my better pieces. :D

Then I decided to go back to the perspective guides in Procreate and did this! Okay yes this was slightly over two hours, but I'm quite pleased with it. My biggest issue is working out how to put fine details in (there aren't any in this because I couldn't manage to make it look good).

I've been getting back into doing some art things, and inspired by @sylvia_ritter have been trying to almost speed-paint. My stuff is certainly not a patch on hers, but mostly just to try to not spend five hours getting every detail right! First up are these three simple crap ones from the past month or so.

Beanie is taking full advantage of both the winter sun AND the space heater.

It's cold this morning and Beanie has zero interest in getting out of bed. He's just watching us as we get ready for work.

It's Beanie's favourite time of year: space heater season!

We used the brand-new Sydney Metro to get there and back (well, part of the way since they terminate at Chatswood), the trains are automated and driverless so you can stand at the very front of the train and look directly out the front window to watch yourself zooming through the tunnels! It honestly felt like we were in a city other than Sydney, because until now we've only had the massive double-decker trains.

We went to see Underworld play at the Sydney Opera House last night, and it seriously ruled. I only have three of their albums but recognised about half of the songs, and the light show was incredible!

I was poking through my parents’ box of camera gear, and right at the bottom was this beastly bit of kit, complete with a 32MB CF card in it!

More art! I called this one “The Emergence”, very much inspired by the Hive from Destiny.

Finally got back to doing some art! I bought a massive set of brushes and palettes, and found some fun ones. The top/background of this was meant to be towering craggy mountains and I could only see it as such, but when I showed Kristina she said “Oh that’s a cool sky!” and now my brain keeps flipping between the two!

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