Oh wow, it's REALLY foggy outside tonight! This was a ten-second exposure with Night Mode on my iPhone.

After that much food, I figured I should probably do a double-length workout on the elliptical.

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Food, meat 

Oh hell YES. We had a remote team event today where everyone ordered food in and we'll expense it. I got proper slow-cooked smoked meats from Black Bear Barbecue and *droooool*.

I have some important pre-bed Beanie content for you all.

We finally got around to getting a new painting framed and hung up this weekend! ("The Lighthouse", the one on the left). Looks pretty damn schmick, and I did a bang-up job getting it lined up at the top with the other painting.


This is some damn gourmet lunch I've got going on here right now.

Sunshine AND space heater! It's a hard life for a small dog.


Bread success! Overnight 40% whole wheat with atta flour. It didn't rise in the oven as much as the regular white bread does, I assume because the atta flour is a fair bit dense. Look at that crumb though, so good!

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It's a miserable and rainy winter morning this morning, perfect weather for porridge!


What did we get up to on our Saturday night? We went to Aldi and stocked up on chocolate and then went to Dan Murphys and picked up a bottle of Dubliner Irish whiskey and honeycomb liqueur, and OMG is it delicious! You can really taste the notes of caramel like it says on the bottle.


Kristina's been having stomach issues recently so made herself a bland dinner and I made my own. She can't eat garlic at the best of times, so I made myself a tomato pasta sauce with LOTS of garlic, and it was goooooood.

Have I mentioned how much I love our solar panels? We've used 19kWh so far today (the aforementioned bread, plus I also did a bunch of washing and using the dryer, and the space heater has been on in the office), and yet only imported 2kWh from the grid.

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It's here, and it looks amazing! Noticeably lighter than the old one, and much easier to press down on the strings too.

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Oh man, Tabasco make their own brand of sriracha hot sauce and it's REALLY good!


How's that for a professional-looking cup of coffee!

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