I am REALLY happy with how this portrait turned out! Procreate says it was seven and a half hours all up, it didn't feel like that long.

I did another quick portrait sketch today! Definitely noticing that I'm getting faster at it, and with more accurate proportions.

Beanie also made himself extremely comfortable yesterday while waiting for Kristina to get home.

Selfie, eye contact Show more

After doing that I realised I should probably better try to get my facial proportions consistently correct, and came across this really good series of tutorials by a Lebanese calligraphy artist! design.tutsplus.com/series/hum (specifically the human face ones). They're very much more in the cartoon vein than realistic, but I found they really helped.

They're all directly front-on, but I figure I need to start somewhere!

Then I decided to try my hand at drawing an actual person and man, getting proportions correct is HARD.

Also hard? Noses. And mouths. And I had an image open next to it as reference as I was drawing too!

Procreate and the Apple Pencil are crazy though, it's so like drawing that I didn't even think twice about turning the pencil sideways to do the shading, and it all just worked exactly as you'd expect it to. :o

I've been really loving the perspective tool in Procreate, and the first thing I did after getting the iPad at Christmas was this. IIRC Procreate said it was something like eleven hours worth of work all up, haha.


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