Current status: getting in touch with my inner bogan in Forza 7.

My Ungors are nearly done, just need to do the bases and dry-brushing. They're done almost entirely with the new Contrast paints.

Food, bread 

Beanie's doing his "I'm going to crouch really low and stare creepily at you" thing again.

Selfie, eye contact 


We're currently at my parents' place where Lily is creating characters for her cousins in the Roblox game "Royale High"!

Current status: At the Microsoft Store getting my nearly-four-year-old original-gen Elite controller with the grips-coming-off problem replaced. They don't have any of the original controllers anymore but they said I could pay the $50 difference between the RRP of the original and the new one and get a brand-new Elite 2! 🎉

I used to doodle jet fighters in my school books in primary school, and here I am again 25 years later! This was 40 minutes in Procreate with the Derwent and HB Pencil brushes.

This is the face of someone who, for the first time in the six years we've had him, saw people on the TV and had to bark at them. (Specifically Tom Allen and Rob Beckett on 8 Out Of 10 Cats). It must have been some specific angle, but I unpaused it and it completely startled him and he jumped back and barked even more!



Not selfies, but photos with eye contact 

I finally got around to doing some more art on my iPad. The first one I’ve been tooling around with since August, and the second I did last night just with the Oil Paint brush.

Food, bread 

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