It's cold and grey and windy today, so we finally had to bring out the space heaters. Beanie is VERY pleased with this development.

@virtualwolf I used to have a long haired cat that would lie so close to the heater his fur went between the fins.

@virtualwolf I have hydronic in-floor heating and my dog is the happiest little beastie you ever did see in winter

@emmadavidson @virtualwolf oh man I cannot even imagine in-floor hearing.

Our shed is mostly tiled floor and let me just say it wakes you the fuck up first thing in the morning.

@MattHatton @emmadavidson Hahah oh no. Our place isn't that bad, and we've got double-glazed windows, but Beanie REALLY loves space heater season!

@virtualwolf @MattHatton We have a double glazed window too! I quite like it. I never in a million years thought I would get to live in a house as nice as the one I'm in now, so I'm trying to appreciate it and not feel like I've got something I'm not allowed to have.

@emmadavidson @MattHatton Hahaha nice. Yeah, we got ours done about five years ago, but over a period of about a year, a couple of windows at time, because they are NOT cheap! Such an incredible difference though.

@emmadavidson @virtualwolf @MattHatton When my widowed mother had her new house built, she specified that the two windows facing the now-bypassed Princes Highway be double-glazed, primarily as noise abatement from the very adjacent Bairnsdale railway line.

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