I don't know what witchcraft Akismet do to make their Wordpress anti-spam plugin work, but it's extremely good.

> Akismet has protected your site from 4,274 spam comments already.
> There are 214 comments in your spam queue right now.

@virtualwolf Have you considered not allowing comments in the first place?

@starbreaker Nah, I like (legit) people being able to leave comments. I've got some nice ones ( and some people actually asking questions about the content of the posts ( and which is great. :) The spam comments aren't a big deal, I just log in every few weeks and nuke them all, haha. I was more just impressed at how well it works.

@virtualwolf Fair enough. It's just that I see comment sections as unnecessary when people could just link, quote, and comment on their own blogs/websites/social feeds.

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