I’m very much looking forward to iPadOS 13.4 tomorrow and seeing how the new full trackpad/mouse support goes!

@virtualwolf Will that work without having to buy an iPad Pro & new Magic Keyboard?

@virtualwolf It works beaut with Logitech M558 mouse. I can use Accessibility>Assistive Touch to customise the extra mouse buttons, so I now have a Home button on the mouse. shows how to set this up.

In Assistive Touch under Pointer Devices, there’s a setting to hide or display the Assistive Touch menu. Your mileage may vary. My iPad Mini & iPad 5th gen aren’t quite the same with that setting.

@peemee Oh shit that rules, I just set it up like that myself, thanks for the link!

Y’know, I think at this point I kind of want the Magic Trackpad cover! My brain has immediately shifted into “This is a laptop” mode, haha.

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