Beanie made himself VERY comfortable on Kristina's leg last night.


And then this morning he was draped over the edge of his bed.

And now, the look of someone who desperately wants to be up on the bed, but who is not allowed there and also couldn't jump up that far even if he was allowed!

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@goofy His name is Beanie! He's a seven year-old half wire-haired dachshund, half Maltese. 😊


Nice to meet you Beanie

I am just a 4-fingered-hand stoopid cartoon dog

@koosli If you saw how much he sheds all over everything no matter the time of year, you'd keep him off the bed too, haha.

@virtualwolf don't be so sure, we have a hair factory in this house too

@koosli True, but do you or your other half have bad asthma and allergies? πŸ˜‰

@virtualwolf not really. Also we don't have standards πŸ˜‚

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