And the fiddly plastic bits have been put together into a squad of Tau!

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I've been an Eldar player since 2nd Edition Warhammer 40,000 but hadn't put together a list for Kill Team yet. I took them out the other night and remembered that the painting was... not great. I gave some of them a bit of a sprucing up, and you can see the progression here, oldest at the left, then I discovered inks, and then the one I added to the other day with some Contrast paint and drybrushing. I did the same for the Dire Avenger on the right but forgot to do a before photo.

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And my _other_ set of fiddly plastic bits has been assembled into five Adeptus Astartes Reivers!

Well, it's not going to win any awards, and I need to pick up a regular paint pot of the Wraithbone undercoat spray so I can fix my mistakes, but my first Tau Fire Warrior is done, and I'm happy with the colour scheme! This was 100% Contrast paints except for a drybrush of Ulthuan Grey.

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@TQ 😊 Cheers! The rest of the squad should be a lot neater, haha.

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