@sophistoche I just ordered the $179 Pokit + Arduino Uno kit. :D Seems like a pretty good place to get started with it all!

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@virtualwolf hmm, I'm suspicious to start off with because there was another recent kickstarter thing similar that absolutely couldn't hold up to its claims and was badly designed. That looks less dodgy, but I also recently bought my $900 portable scope, so I think I'm covered! Thanks though.

@sophistoche I should have known you'd have some awesome piece of kit, lol.

Yeah, this one's an Australian mob and they've previously shipped a previous iteration of that sort of device already.

@virtualwolf I was alerted to this thing a few days ago. Ended up not jumping in because (like @sophistoche) I am suspicious of these things delivering on their promises. Particularly the API which I see no evidence of yet.

@futzle @sophistoche That's fair! A guy at work backed it himself, he's backed like 200 other things and has had exactly two duds, both solely software things, so I trust his instincts. :D

@virtualwolf @sophistoche Please ask him for his honest opinion in six months when they deliver. Definitely interested in something like this for field use.

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