Version 1.1 of Mastonaut is out! Some of the new features include:

∙ Custom emoji picker: Select from the list of custom emoji in your instance when composing a toot! You can even search them.

∙ Mention auto-suggestion: Just start typing a mention using the @ character and Mastonaut will lookup users with that handle.

∙ Delete & Redraft: You can now re-draft your toots. Mastonaut will even reuse the original attachments so you don't have to upload them again.

@mastonaut ...hmmm, I just installed it on my work MacBook Pro, authorised it with, and it's just sitting there spinning and not actually loading my timeline.

@mastonaut (I haven't installed it on here before now, so I don't know if it's _never_ worked or not).

@mastonaut @virtualwolf I don’t see version 1.1 in the store yet. I’m in Canada. Your mileage may vary.

@steveroy @mastonaut Oh snap, I didn't even notice the version, good catch. Still at 1.0.2!

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