Woo, checking out @mastonaut, it's a newly-launched Mastodon desktop client for macOS. There's missing features right now of course, but it's also delightful to have an application I can shrink down to a corner of the screen and also not have to rely on it being in a browser tab!

Also bonus: it's properly native and not bloody Electron.

@mastonaut ...though I'd love to see it _solely_ be able to stick to one column, I didn't realise double-clicking to open a conversation was opening a second column that was off the side of my screen and so I didn't see it, heh.

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@virtualwolf Thanks! I’m still trying to figure out the UX for that. I don’t wanna use a push/pop behavior like in iOS, which in turn makes this extremely difficult. I have some ideas but I need to iron them out first 😊

@brunoph Maybe something like Tweetbot where it just replaces the whole column with the conversation and replies, and you can hit the back button that appears in the top-left to get back to your main timeline?

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