Toot v1.7 is out!

This version adds support for lists, and pinning hashtags. You can switch lists using the header of the home screen, and pinned hashtags work similarly but on the instance tab. You add users to lists from the ... menu on their profile pages.

There are also a few small bugfixes.

Unfortunately if you were looking forward to it, this version does not have the iPad interface yet. It's still half done and is disabled in this build.

I just got the lists and tags features done, and thought I might as well push those out now instead of waiting on the bigger interface work to finish.

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@tootapp Speaking of the iPad interface, any thoughts on how it’ll work for image-heavy instances? I’m on and there’s a crap ton of images that get posted. I’d tried using the client Mast but on iPad it forced you into a multicolumn layout no matter which orientation the device was in, and it really seemed very wasteful in terms of screen real estate, especially when your timeline is a lot of images.

@virtualwolf Current plan is a single column with a side bar, and maybe a way to pin extra columns in some later version.

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