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I've moved here from, am entirely new to the world of all things art, and am merely aspiring at the moment. Got myself an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and have been doodling around in Procreate. I'm hoping to get inspired and learn from all your amazing pieces of artwork.

A CRISPR baby but the only change is that there is an SQL injection attack coded in to the genome so that if it is ever sequenced, it drops all the tables in the company database

Hm, well, it seems like the Wordpress Mastodon auto-toot plugin is broken. :(

Anyway, I blagged a thing:

(Not really anything new, given I've been tooting about all this as it happens, but eh. :P)

Food (bread) 

if you refer to a woman's female friends as her "girlfriends" then you need to commit to that bad and confusing decision and call a man's male friends his "boyfriends"

This makes me feel good about constantly being frustrated by how slowly the people around me are walking. I'm apparently outpacing my own mortality.

That's the loaves shaped, now they go into the fridge for the next twelve hours!

I'm making another batch of bread this weekend, but this time doing the overnight recipe and using 37% rye flour! Keen to see how it turns out.


Andy Rubin was forced out of Google after sexual misconduct (investigated and verified). Google paid him $90 million for no reason to leave (it wasn’t required by contract). Then he founded Essential.

There are plenty of other interesting things to talk about.

Fedi generation poll, boost for maximimun demographic analysis

After buying new art supplies I always need to play with them. So I drew a quick witch and used ink and the orange marker. :)


Recipe request 

Oh nice, Mastodon 3.0 is noticeably smoother at scrolling through the timeline in the web UI, at least on this old 2013 MacBook Air.

To prevent people reusing plugs that are deemed unsafe, it’s recommended to Fuck Them Right Up before disposal

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