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I've moved here from, am entirely new to the world of all things art, and am merely aspiring at the moment. Got myself an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and have been doodling around in Procreate. I'm hoping to get inspired and learn from all your amazing pieces of artwork.

Someone please write a twitter bot, which instead of “unrolling” threads, compiles them into markdown, converts it to a data URL and DMs the link to the poster, with an admonishment to blog it.

thinking about getting extremely red mad and nude when a game's fantasy setting, a fictional world where theoretically anything is possible, does not perfectly reproduce the gender and racial assumptions of our culture

"'Link In Bio' is a slow knife" by Anil Dash

The idea of advertising as "paying for a link" is an interesting perspective.

hi everyone, it's been a while!! i missed it here!! here's some stuff i've done over the past year! lots of floating bengali heads as usual😂

I found a very angry friend in the bathroom today and relocated them outside. This is a different one than yesterday. The work bathroom is absolutely the place to hang out if you’re a lizard apparently

People Are Loving This Viral Video Of A Woman Who Explodes Into A Cloud Of 10,000,000 Droning Locusts And Blankets The Earth In Eternal Night

Stop👏doing👏posts👏like👏this👏please👏MY LIGHTS ARE TURNING ON AND OFF

At this point climate change denial should be a human rights violation that can see you strung up at the ICC. Burn the entire political and journalistic class that abjectly failed.

One cannot 'meet in the middle' with someone that won't even recognize your humanity. One cannot 'compromise' with a person that thinks reoccurring abuse and harassment is ok. There is no common ground to found with someone who believes enduring toxic communities is a path way to safety, because we all know it's not.

I'm all about working with people to build better spaces, but bigots don't want better spaces. They just want to feel better about their non-sense.

Fuck that and fuck them.


I haven't uploaded here in a while, so here is one of my favorites from this year! I was commissioned to draw Wilbell as she appears in Atelier Escha & Logy.



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