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I've moved here from, am entirely new to the world of all things art, and am merely aspiring at the moment. Got myself an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and have been doodling around in Procreate. I'm hoping to get inspired and learn from all your amazing pieces of artwork.

Achievement unlocked: created a channel in work Slack.

"mom can we buy a sound mixer?"

"no we have sound mixer at home"

sound mixer at home:

If you're on a Mastodon instance, do you use:

Lesson learned this morning: while UHT milk has a long shelf life, and it's definitely longer than the date stamped on it, it is not immortal and there are limits.


Phew, that was a productive day. I fixed the door handle that was falling off on the (extremely dodgily-built by the previous owners) room we have in the back yard, fixed needing to lift said door up to lock the deadbolt, ripped all the weeds out of the garden along the side of the backyard, and pulled up all the dead leaves and dirt that was piling along the side of the back room as well.

And then I ordered a 4GB Raspberry Pi 4!


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We decided to get a brief bit of sunshine and fresh air walking around Nurragingy Reserve. The lack of people was unsurprising, still feels weird though.

A certain someone has very carefully gotten underneath my sheet where it's fallen down the side of the bed.

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I’m very much looking forward to iPadOS 13.4 tomorrow and seeing how the new full trackpad/mouse support goes!

THE GOVERNMENT, FOR THE LAST 50 YEARS: yoooo you all need to stop relying on us for anything lmao bootstrap yourself out of poverty dipshit. all your social services belong to corporations now

THE GOVERNMENT NOW: please... please rely on and listen to us... please just trust literally anything we say. for the love of god please pay attention to us and stop acting on your own. why don't you have faith in us as an institution

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