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Hi to all the new people! I'm Ionas, I'm a non-binary, disabled artist. I mostly draw a lot of monsters and folklore critters. I also make music sometimes.

I take commissions and draw adopatables as well, and can be found here:

or you can contact me at

drugs, furry art 

I had to edit the radiating lines from how they originally were because it was just a nightmare of neon colors

stressed, so I made a toku inspired character. Deer based like half the things I draw are

Wanted to have a cutesy character on art fight, so I brought back the degu I used to draw. Used to be two different characters but I decided they just change forms.

That's not what I wanted to draw but it's what... just happened. 🤔
Also yes that's Kat'tira and Ravan'n.

Decided to make my leszy I drew a character for my artfight so I drew some quick drawings of them in other seasons. Their name is Breza

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