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Hi to all the new people! I'm Ionas, I'm a non-binary, disabled artist. I mostly draw a lot of monsters and folklore critters. I also make music sometimes.

I take commissions and draw adopatables as well, and can be found here:

or you can contact me at

I finally finished my two main color palettes for my pin design! We’ll be going into production soon, and I’m incredibly stoked about it!

More oracle cards. the wording on the second is not quite the emotion I meant I think but I will figure something better out later.
CW for body horror, trypophobia

Ionas is an artist who draws stylised fantastic creatures, often in bright high contast colours. You can follow at:

➡️ @violetmagician

Their artwork particularly suits physical objects, and they have some really cool items in their Etsy shop at

#Ionas #VioletMagician #Art #Artist #Artists #Fantasy

A couple of things with oil pastel! One fully oil pastel the other just the background because I felt like splooping around with them.


im so sorry for posting/boosting these so much sdlfkjds
but i finally downloaded inkscape and made cleaner versions!!

if anyone's interested in using or editing them feel free :) i also saved svgs of both, and just the flags, if anyone wants that!

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I have to say making Clyde an incomprehensible mess of neon was one the best fursona decisions I've made

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