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Hi to all the new people! I'm Ionas, I'm a non-binary, disabled artist. I mostly draw a lot of monsters and folklore critters. I also make music sometimes.

I take commissions and draw adopatables as well, and can be found here:

or you can contact me at

Added 2 valentines pages to my seasonal coloring book download. pay what you want. If you already have it you can redownload for the new pages

going through my ipad files deleting stuff and found something im not sure i ever posted (maybe i did? idk), a dnd character concept

it's a kenku warlock who wants to be an aarakocra so she disguises herself as one

I'll get on the backlog of needle felts later, but for now here's a few that I did for @fairyofthemoon as a birthday gift, the poe sisters from ocarina of time

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