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Hi to all the new people! I'm Ionas, I'm a non-binary, disabled artist. I mostly draw a lot of monsters and folklore critters. I also make music sometimes.

I take commissions and draw adopatables as well, and can be found here:

or you can contact me at

#creatober -fruit- and -mythical- Loki with a golden apple. I'm aware the fire thing might just be a mistake by Grimm, I just like them with a warm color scheme

flashing gif, glitch effects, neon blood 

#creatober -heart- had a vague idea of this all day but needed to listen to old human drama songs to be emotional enough to draw it

art, furry, nsfw, bdsm 

#creatober -kink- Jude and Derius, also with anthro version

art, body horror, blood, glitch effects, flashing gif 

#creatober -hands- glitchy....

"I'll pull out my heart, and I'll feed it to anyone". a few. variations of a tattoo style drawing

cw body horror

art, shirtless man 

Jude and Der... I just draw them when I'm stressed sometimes #art #mastoart #ocs

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