one of my OCs, ein! she's a bunny half-human who was basically born to be a sidekick, but struggles with trying to forge her own fate!

@vinn would she like,, a carrot.,,, or is that offensive,,,,

@thatgirllily huffs she'd,,, LOVE a carrot but she's too embarrassed to take it directly u///u she appreciates the thought tho ,,

@vinn ok well ill give it to u and then u give it to her later, ok?

@cherrydere THANK U !!! im glad you think so u///u 💖

@vinn hi i love her??? and she deserves the best ok
do tell more abt her if you have time!! and wow the colour scheme and composition of the art is so nice 😍

@dillykai huFFS thank u sm you are too kind !! i hope to draw more of her soon so ill be able to tell more of her story soon 😭 shes one of my fav kids ,,

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