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2nd sketch of the year!

I think I went a bit inconsistent with the shading. Need to develop a better feel for it.

Open to any critique :)

Happy New Year, Fediverse! 🎉✨🙌🏽

2018 Things:

Finally accepting my hair.

I never felt comfortable with my afro-textured hair because it was just another thing that made me different, in a society that only valued whiteness and never embraced anything else.

I *always* wore baseball caps for that very reason. Now that I've grown out my hair and experiment with my style, I don't just feel like a star that kicks ass … I've BECOME one. My confidence grew. I don't sigh when looking into the mirror, I smile.

Embrace yourselves 💖✨🙌

Looking for a good christmas film?

Haven't seen Tokyo Godfathers yet?

It's one of the best pieces from the late Satoshi Kon, and now's as good a time as any to catch up on it ✨

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Spider-Verse / Audience rant 

Guess who's going to continue obsessing over every single thing that made this film so special 🕸❤️

Huh, some people on Spider-Verse used Blender in production 😁 nice to see that it's getting used more and more

I got an A for my first term in Animation Fundamentals!!!! ✨

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Spiderverse was ridiculously good. Need to see it again.

I get to try out all the Adobe products for free thanks to uni. I was kinda excited about Premiere, but... it sucks lol. Sticking with DaVinci Resolve

Guess I made a splash for my future animation projects

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I'm completely in love with this article by a Shopify illustrator about how companies handle diversity in their visualities.

Points tackled include:
* You can't just make everyone purple and call it diverse
* It's not just diversifying job roles, but actions. Who's pointing at the whiteboard? Who's explaining? Who's giving objects?
* Body language. Who's looking away? Who's making eye contact?
* How many of these problems start with a design team that's not diverse

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