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@kataasgaard liking this mainly because I wish our tutors would say this out loud sometimes! Sorry you had a tough week, hope things get better.

Trust this boi to have an actual emotional breakdown over a B+.

Made a little Grookey~ small modeling/retopo/texturing exercise!

Drawover before I commit to the costume. Mixed the comics & MCU outfit!

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allison's taste in music, a brief history

high school + earlier: "bc of my sophistication i listen only to classical" [actually listens only to self-made cassettes of demoscene dance music]

undergrad: [buys two miles davis albums, sorta likes one] "yeah i'm into jazz"

20s: "here's my yearly top 10 of pitchfork-adjacent things"

early 30s: [Streaming Era Dead Zone, listens to the same four cocteau twins songs on repeat]

today: "wow this bandcamp of refrigerator field recordings really cooks"

Made a shirt pattern for my SO's birthday, can you guess her favourite Adventure Time character?

I'm going to be quoting / referring to one or more toots for my University essay.

What a time to be alive 🙃

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@justelise kind of like 'smudging' 2D drawings without really smudging them / still getting sharp results.

I used this as a guide on how to:

Guess who broke his phone while trying to fix it

...and the contract for it still goes on for 9 months

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